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Doctoral Students Association in Luxembourg (DSAiL)

The purpose of the organization is summarized by the following objectives:

  • Inform and connect University of Luxembourg doctoral candidates about university and existing resources at their disposal such as ombudsperson, student life, mental heath services, Euraxess, LARI, etc.
  • Collaborate with existing doctoral students’ representatives and bodies to represent and uphold the welfare of doctoral candidates within the university.

  • Promote student-led activity amongst new and existing student communities to build professional skills, share research ideas and network.
  • Dedicated website page where doctoral students can offer ideas about activities of interest including academic, social and professional; Working with the students to realize these suggestions.
  • Refer doctoral candidates to the ULLC tandem program to improve language skills and promote interactions.
  • Organize mock doctoral defense or practice speech delivery where registered students can share their science or any other relevant topic with fellow students and get insightful feedback about their performance.
  • Aid interested students in organizing academic, social and networking events within the university such as tea and coffee evenings, board game nights, cook-offs etc to share a relaxing atmosphere.

Dedicated website page where incoming doctoral students can get coaching and support from more senior colleagues and offer ideas about how best to settle in Luxembourg and navigate doctoral student life.

  • Encourage cross-disciplinary collaborations within the doctoral community to maximize synergies and enhance students’ experiences during the PhD and afterwards.
  • Organize “ask-it” nights where interested doctoral candidates brainstorm on research specific doctoral-related questions posed by their counterparts. Further discussions and collaborations can emanate from there.
  • Collaborate with the Uni Lu alumni team to create a network of alumni to keep past and present doctoral students connected.

  • Provide recruiting and career information for doctoral students in industry and/or academia.
  • Collaborate with Euraxess, career center and other external partners to inform PhD candidates about career opportunities.
  • Organize discussions and exercises regarding CV reviews, soapbox, seminars and mock interview panels in any selected industry, pitch your PhD skills as industry related competencies.
  • Dedicated website page where doctoral students can register and get coaching and support from industry experts.
  • Highlight doctoral candidates, their research work and interest on our website and social media platforms so that they become more attractive to employers.

  • Engage in social responsibility programs to give back to the community.
  • Blog posts to inform the doctoral candidates and the public about academic and real world issues with a possibility of feed backs through comments.
  • Participate in events organized by non-profit organizations in Luxembourg to give back to the society, organize yard sales, tutor young people, hold contests and donate proceeds to charity, etc
Doctoral Students Association in Luxembourg (DSAIiL)

Executive Board

  • President

    Emmanuella OSUEBI-IYKE

  • Vice-President Operations PhD

    Louis William Marc Martin KRIEGER

  • Secretary

    Françoise KEMP

  • Creative and Communications Director

    Adnan MOUSSA