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RSG Luxembourg

RSG Luxembourg (International Society for Computational Biology’s Regional Student Group) is the non-political, non-religious, independent and non-profit association.
Its members work to promote research in computational biology, to encourage fruitful exchanges between different disciplines of biology and to guide students and young researchers in their career choice by promoting early awareness of academic and research professions. private sector.

If you are looking for:

  • Networking opportunities within the University
  • Getting in touch with other RSGs in Europe and around the world
  • Organizing academic trainings such as online seminars on subjects like Agent-based Modelling, Introduction to Deep Learning, LaTex workshop
  • Social events such as Quizzes (in collaboration with the Office of Student Life), and co-organisation of the Pizze club with the Doctoral School.

The membership is free so do not hesitate to connect with us.

International Society for Computational Biology's Regional Student Group (RSG), logo

Executive Board

  • President

    Jeff Didier

  • Treasurer

    Mathias Galati

  • Secretary

    Elena Valceschini

  • Board Members

    Cristian-Alin Cucu

    Nihat Aliyev

    Abdul Rafay Pirzada

  • Audit member

    Abdul Rafay Pirzada