International Relations Office

The International Relations Office advises and supports the university leadership, academic and research staff, and students in international projects and initiatives, thereby increasing the University’s internationality and visibility. The key function evolves around the design, negotiation, preparation and implementation of student mobility, particularly at the Bachelor’s level (obligatory).

    More specifically, the Office:

    • Coordinates and promotes the Erasmus + programme, primarily with regards to student mobility
    • Administers staff mobility
    • Manages agreements with international partner universities (outside the Erasmus+ framework)
    • Co-manages (with the SEVE) the Guillaume Dupaix international master’s scholarships
    • Informs students and staff on international opportunities
    • Organises and participates in international visits

    The Office manages over 550 Erasmus+ agreements, is responsible for the mobility for 600 outgoing, 250 incoming students annually and manages a corresponding budget of over one million EUR. Furthermore, it oversees the Erasmus+ project, which includes International Credit Mobility (ICM) of student/staff; with a budget of around €500k

    In addition, it manages close to 100 international agreements and organises the Global exchange programme, which offers study abroad opportunities beyond the borders of Europe to University of Luxembourg students. It organises the Top Student Prize, awarded every year to three of the best students in each Faculty who are invited to participate in an international summer school abroad.

    Concurrently, the Office runs a project financed the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, financing international master’s scholarships (Guillaume Dupaix) as well as incoming mobility scholarships.

    Furthermore, the Office is responsible for developing projects with the target countries of Luxembourg’s development cooperation. Contacts with international organisations, embassies and partner universities are also an essential task of the Office.

    The University of the Greater Region (UniGR is another activity of the team, the UniGR group offers the opportunity to study and conduct research projects in three languages, in five regions and seven universities (the Universities of Luxembourg, Saarland, Liège, Lorraine, Kaiserslautern, Trier and htw saar).

    Finally, EURAXESS falls also under the remit of the Office. EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion is a pan-European initiative launched by the European Commission to promote research careers and facilitate the mobility of researchers across Europe. Its Luxembourg representative provides free advice and guidance to your questions connected to research opportunities in Luxembourg.

    Team Leader of International Relations Office

    • Enrique Jose LOPEZ VELOSO

      Enrique Jose LOPEZ VELOSO

      Team Leader of International Relations Office

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