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The Language Centre offers services to enhance your multilingual skills. These services are exclusively available to University of Luxembourg students, doctoral candidates and staff.

Language Centre offer

Course offer

General Language courses train language skills for general purposes and are designed for beginner levels only (A1, A2). Academic Language courses are designed for academic purposes in order to serve the needs of students studying at the University of Luxembourg, e.g. reading and writing academic texts, listening to university lectures, and engaging in seminar conversation.

Priority is given to study programs integrating the courses into their study programs. Depending on the needs of the study program, a number of places will be reserved.

Evening classes usually start at 16.50 or 17.30 on Belval Campus and run throughout the semester.
Each course gains 3 ECTS.

Français général A1.1 (hiver), A1.2 (été)
Français général A2.1 (hiver), A2.1 (été)
Français académique B1.1 (hiver), B1.2 (été)
Français académique B2.1 (hiver), B2.2 (été)
Français académique C1.1 (hiver), C1.2 (été)
Perfectionner son expression en français (hiver et été)

Deutsch allgemein A1.1 (Winter), A1.2 (Sommer)
Deutsch allgemein A2.1 (Winter), A2.2 (Sommer)
Deutsch wissenschaftlich B1.1 (Winter), B1.2 (Sommer)
Deutsch wissenschaftlich B2.1 (Winter), B2.2 (Sommer)
Deutsch wissenschaftlich C1.1 (Winter), C1.2 (Sommer)

Academic English1 B2.11 (winter), B2.2 (summer)
Academic English C1.1 (winter), C1.2 (summer)

1 English classes start at level B2 as there is very little demand for lower levels at the University of Luxembourg.

If you are a study program director at the University of Luxembourg and want to integrate language training into your program please contact us.

The Language Centre offers training for students in language learning and academic writing in French, German, and English.

This training leads to a certificate from the Language Centre and equips students to advise fellow students on language learning, presentations, and writing academic papers. The training is offered each summer semester and allocates 3 ECTS for Bachelor and 5 ECTS for Master students.

Some study programs integrate the peer tutor training in order to hire trained tutors as student assistants to support fellow students within their discipline.

Services and events

Language Cafés for English, French, or German

The language café is a conversational practice session that gives learners the opportunity to practice their speaking and listening skills with fellow students in a laidback atmosphere.

  • When? Weekly throughout the semester for 90 min
  • Where? Belval Campus or online
  • Registraton: via Moodle – Language Centre

One-to-one consultations for academic writing and presentations

Students can book consultations in order to get advice from trained peer tutors on assignment writing or oral presentations.
This service is offered for English, French and German.

  • When? Flexible by appointment or tutor in the box once a week at the Learning Centre
  • Where? Belval campus, Learning Centre, or online

These language events are a great opportunity to practice language skills in a fun and enjoyable way.

Speak Dating
This event is usually organized twice per semester and is aimed at finding a language tandem partner. In a language tandem partnership, one offers her own language skills and in exchange get the chance to learn the language the tandem partner speaks.

Quiz Night
This is a special event in which students can practice all university languages together in teams and win a prize.

Long Night of Writing
This event is usually organized together with the Learning Centre to support and motivate students to finish their assignment in time. Students can simply write on their own and enjoy the busy atmosphere, or they can participate in our writing marathon and get support from peer tutors or librarians on the spot.

When? dates will be announced at the beginning of the semester
Where? Belval campus, Learning Centre, or online
Registration: via Moodle – Language Centre

The Language Centre supports students and staff to find a tandem partner for language learning. In a language tandem partnership, one offers her own language skills, and in exchange get the chance to learn the language the tandem partner speaks.

The University of Luxembourg Language Centre is part of the UNIVERSEH alliance. The alliance offers a range of language courses and activities (also intensive courses) to improve English, French, German, Swedish and Polish language skills. All University of Luxembourg students can participate for free.

Have a look.

The University works with the Institut National des Langues Luxembourg (INLL) for general language courses.

The University community has access to all sites where the INLL provides classes.
All courses are fee-based but partial reimbursement may apply.


The Language Centre of the University of Luxembourg was founded in 2014. Multilingualism is a key feature of the University of Luxembourg and is integrated into most study programmes.

The Language Centre’s mission is:

  • to enable the members of the University to function well in this multilingual educational environment;
  • to facilitate international academic mobility and integration into Luxembourg society;
  • to enhance the employability of the University’s graduates.

We offer academic, general and professional language courses in the University’s official languages – French, English and German – as well as courses in other languages.

Head of the Language Centre

  • Birgit HUEMER

    Birgit HUEMER

    Assistant professor/Senior research scientist