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Peer tutoring

In summer semester, the Language Centre offers training for tutors in language learning and writing in French, German and English. This training leads to a certificate from the Language Centre and equips you to advise your fellow students on language learning, presentations and writing academic papers.

The peer tutor program can also be integrated into the following study programmes:

  • Bachelor en Cultures Européennes (3 ECTS)
  • Master in Learning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts (5 ECTS)
  • Master in Secondary Education (professional) (5 ECTS)
Peer tutoring Become a language peer tutor, Devenez un tuteur en langue, werden Sie Sprachtutor oder Sprachtutorin

What you should bring to the training for tutors:

  • Very good language skills in the language(s) in which you want to complete your tutor training (max. two languages);
  • A commitment to the student community and to supporting your fellow students;
  • A keen interest in language, grammar, intercultural communication and learning processes.

After successfully completing the training, you may apply for a position as a peer tutor at the Language Centre (under a Student Assistant contract).


Please email the following documents

  • a high quality text written by yourself in the language(s) in which you want to complete your tutor training (max. two languages);
  • a covering letter explaining why you want to complete the training.

Once we have selected the candidates, we will hold interviews and they will start their training in March 2024 (see dates below).


Training is conducted in three modules (theory, practice and ePortfolio) and concludes with a final test.

New dates to be published

ModuleECTSDates 2023-2024
Theory module
24 units (3 workshops of 2 x 4 units each)
Practice module
Course observation and teaching
1-2During the semester.
Work with ePortfolios
Reflection, materials, ideas
1-2To hand in by the end of the semester.
Final presentationin June 2024
Total ECTS3-5

The theory module will comprise six workshops on the following topics:

  1. Supporting language learning processes

Students learn about the various methods of language learning in order to support others as they learn languages. Topics include consulting on language learning, formulating learning goals and setting a study schedule, keeping a learning journal, ePortfolio work and self-assessment. Students will also be given an overview of language learning materials.


  1. Academic writing at the University

Students learn about the methods used in consultations on writing. They are taught how to support writing processes in academic and professional settings. This involves expanding genre knowledge, writing consultations, supporting academic writing processes, setting schedules, and boosting motivation.


  1. Intercultural skills and the didactics of multilingualism

Students are taught the basics of intercultural communication and learn how to use these skills in multilingual settings with international students in order to provide guidance and support learning.


During the practice module, students actively participate in a few sessions of two Language Centre courses (e.g. the general language course, the academic writing workshop, presentations, intercultural communication or the conversation course). Active participation means that students should not only attend the course but also reflect on and document their own learning process and observations in an ePortfolio. They will also be asked to design exercises and tasks, some of which they will present themselves in a course after consultation with Language Centre staff, or to conduct a writing consultation under supervision.

Date: during the semester

For the entire duration of the training, an ePortfolio is available to the students to document and reflect on their own learning experience, upload their exercises and design a poster for the final presentation.

Date: to hand in by the end of the semester

Using the ePortfolio, students design a poster for the final presentation. After successfully completing the modules, the final presentation and the final discussion, students receive their certificates as student tutors in language learning and writing.

Date: in June 2024