Student and staff mobility is an essential component of our institution.

The principle of mobility at the University of Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg has decided to develop by adopting a resolutely outward-looking policy. Internationalisation is reflected at every level, from strategy to the courses on offer.

You are:

  • Outgoing mobility

    a student at the University of Luxembourg and wish to do an exchange abroad

    (outgoing exchange student)

  • Incoming mobility

    a student studying abroad and wish to come for an exchange at the University of Luxembourg

    (incoming exchange student)

  • a staff member at a university and wish to teach or follow a training abroad

You wish:

  • to come to the University of Luxembourg for regular studies

    (regular enrolment)

  • The University of the Greater Region (UniGR)

    to follow courses in the whole Greater Region (University of the Greater Region):

    (UniGR enrolment)