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And thank you for visiting the University of Luxembourg’s philanthropy page. It’s your support that bridges the gap where traditional funding falls short, empowering innovative pilot projects, daring ventures and ambitious endeavours. This form of contribution fuels unconventional thinking and allows us to challenge boundaries, always striving to go one step further.

As we aim to consolidate our position as a leading young university, the role of philanthropy cannot be overstated. It helps us compete globally, sustain cutting-edge research, attract the brightest minds through scholarships, and develop an outstanding infrastructure for both researchers and students.

We invite you to learn more about the various initiatives you can contribute to and the impact of your generosity. Your potential support for the University of Luxembourg represents an investment not just in the present, but also in the vibrant, promising future of education and research. We thank you for considering making a contribution to the University of Luxembourg. Together, let’s shape the future of knowledge!

André Losch Foundation is committed to continuing the founder’s remarkable legacy and promoting projects that are true to André Losch’s spirit.”
Pit Reckinger

Pit Reckinger

Chairman of the Board, André Losch Foundation

Philanthropy, to me, shares a kinship with entrepreneurship: the rewards, when successful, yield a deep-seated satisfaction that money simply cannot procure.”
Norbert Friob

Norbert Friob

Private donor, Fondation Norbert Friob & Fils