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Support our Students

At the University of Luxembourg, we firmly believe that the brilliance of our students fuels our excellence. As a young institution, we take immense pride in the quality of our undergraduate and postgraduate students. However, we recognise the need for continuous development and investment in their success. Luxembourg, with its high living costs, poses unique financial challenges for students.

To address this, we are working towards creating an extensive scholarship programme. This initiative aims to bring the brightest and best to both Bachelor’s and Master’s courses, regardless of their financial circumstances. By removing the financial barriers that might deter deserving students, we aim to be more competitive and diverse.

This programme will have far-reaching benefits, not just for our University but also for Luxembourg as a whole. There is a pressing need for talent in various specialised fields in the country, and this scholarship initiative is our answer to that problem. By attracting outstanding students from all corners of the world, we hope to cultivate a rich talent pool, contributing to the local economy and society.

We also anticipate that by easing financial stress, we will reduce student dropout rates, ensuring that more of our students can complete their studies successfully.

In supporting this scholarship programme, donors are not just supporting students or the University; they are investing in the future of Luxembourg. Together, we can make a difference, transforming lives and our society for the better.