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Become a Guest Student at the University of Luxembourg!

Become a Guest Student at the University of Luxembourg!

The University of Luxembourg offers people of all ages the opportunity to follow high quality courses dealing with scientific subjects. Irrespective of any degree and without being bound by the rules of studies and examinations, any interested person can follow courses as a Guest student. All that is required is the willingness and ability to actively participate in the scientific dialogue within the framework of the courses taken.

The application process for Guest Students contains 2 steps:

  1. Administrative Enrolment via the Admission Portal.
  2. Course Choice via the Student Portal (Guichet étudiant).

From 24 August to 22 September, you can enrol administratively and choose your courses as a Guest Student for the next winter semester, which starts in mid-September. Guest Students can choose a maximum of 3 courses per semester.

Please note that the course catalogues are intended to give you an overview of the courses offered to Guest Students at the University of Luxembourg.

The complete programme, course descriptions, and dates of the courses are available via the Student Portal.


Contact the Administration of the Open Courses.