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The University of Luxembourg supports students with study-related matters in a variety of ways. Understanding how to meet study requirements, find advice, and inform the University about specific needs or requests are crucial for the success of students. These pages offer essential guidance for navigating and completing tasks related to enrolment, progression, examinations, special needs, student conduct, disciplinary procedures and appeals.

  • Student status

    To pursue and continue studies at the University of Luxembourg, it is essential that students enrol with the right status and maintain their enrolment over time.

  • Student progression

    In the University’s bachelor and master programmes, progress from one study year to the next and towards completion of the degree is subject to certain rules which guarantee that students stay on track with their studies.

  • Special arrangements

    A variety of special study arrangements provide flexible measures to ensure that students with specific needs or facing exceptional circumstances are able to meet study requirements.

  • Academic conduct

    The University of Luxembourg promotes integrity and ethical behavior in all aspects of the students’ educational journey and does not tolerate any form of academic misconduct.

  • Appeals

    Under certain conditions, students at the University of Luxembourg and applicants to its study programmes have the possibility of appealing against decisions concerning their studies.

Rules of the University

The legal basis for the organisation of studies at the University of Luxembourg (in particular art. 1, 3, 30-48).

Binding rules concerning admissions, studies, exams, and study programme organisation

The University’s general internal rules

Study programme-specific rules and module plans