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Student status

Application and admission

  • Admission

    Applying to study at the University of Luxembourg involves several stages. Read on to find out more about how to apply.

  • Payment procedure

    Enrolment fees are paid each semester.

    A. Payment by bank transfer
    B. Online payment
    c. Direct payment to the Admissions Office

  • Authorisation to stay and residence permit

    Information for students requiring a visa to enter and stay in Luxembourg.

  • Part-time studies

    Applicants and students on a full-time bachelor or master programme at the University may request to switch to part-time student status when applying for/re-enrolling in their programme.

  • Deferring admission

Arrival and welcome

  • Moving to Luxembourg

    Moving to Luxembourg may involve several steps as well as your application to the University. To help you with the administrative and practical aspects, we have compiled the most important information in one place.

  • Welcome Day

    Every year, the University organises a Welcome Day for new students to give them the opportunity to discover the campus and explore their new environment.

  • Student Handbook

    Every year, the University issues a digital Student Handbook to provide you with all the information you need about the university and walks you through the administrative formalities.

  • Facilities

    The University has extensive student accommodation and study facilities, as well as places to relax and a selection of cultural and leisure activities.

  • IT and technology

    Find out more about your student account and the University’s IT and technology services.

Administrative procedures at the University

  • Re-enrolment

    You must re-enrol at the University each semester. All students must re-enrol in their programme and, if applicable, in the study track in which they were previously enrolled.

  • Changing your personal data

    Change your address or other personal data

  • Changing programme or leaving the University

  • Mobility

    Students at the University of Luxembourg have access to a variety of mobility options:

    • Erasmus+
    • Global Exchange
    • Free mover
  • Leaves of absence

    During a leave of absence, students remain enrolled on their study programme but do not attend classes or take exams.

  • Declare an accident

Graduation and alumni

  • Graduation

    The University of Luxembourg extends its heartfelt congratulations to all graduates. We are happy to celebrate your achievement with you and your guests.

    • Graduation ceremony
    • Diplomas and certificates
  • Alumni

    After graduating, you will join our alumni community.

  • Diplomas and certificates