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Student status

Application and Admission

  • Admissions

    Becoming a student at the University of Luxembourg needs some preparation. Learn how to apply and to be admitted to the University.

  • Payment procedure

    Registration fee payments are made each semester.

    A. Payment by bank transfer
    B. Online payment
    c. Payment made directly to the admissions office

  • Authorisation to stay and residence permit

    Information for students requiring a visa to enter and to stay in Luxembourg

  • Part-time studies

    Applicants and students of a full-time bachelor or master programme of the University have the right to request a part-time student status when applying for/re-enrolling in the programme.

Arrival and Welcome

  • Moving to Luxembourg

    Moving to Luxembourg might require a few steps apart from applying at the University. To help you with the administrative and practical aspects, we have compiled the most important information in one place.

  • Welcome Day

    Every year, the University organises a Welcome Day for new students to give them the opportunity to discover the campus and their new environment.

  • Student Handbook

    Every year, the University issues a digital Student Handbook. It provides all the information you need about your university and walks you through the administrative formalities.

  • Facilities

    The University offers facilities to live and study as well as free time activities and places to spend time at.

  • IT and Technology

    All about your student account and the University’s IT and technology services.

During your studies: modalities and administration

  • Re-enrolment

    Re-enrolment must be done each semester. All students must re-enrol in the programme and, if applicable, in the study track in which they were previously enrolled.

  • Changing your personal data

    Change of address or other personal data

  • Change or withdrawal from programme

  • Mobility

    Mobility is a real winning asset for students.

    • Erasmus+
    • Global Exchange
    • Free mover
  • Leaves of absence

    During a leave of absence, the student remains enrolled on their study programme but does not participate in courses and exams.

  • Declare an accident

Graduation and Alumni

  • Graduation

    The University of Luxembourg extends its most heartfelt congratulations to all graduates. We are happy to celebrate your achievement with you and your guests.

    • My Ceremony
    • Diplomas and Certificates
  • Alumni

    After having graduated, you will join our Alumni community.