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Leaves of absence

Students enrolled in a bachelor or master programme of the University can, under certain conditions, request a leave of absence. During a leave of absence, the student remains enrolled on their study programme but does not participate in courses and exams. The time covered by the leave is not included in the calculation of the maximum study duration.

A leave of absence can be granted in the following circumstances:

  • Illness or other medical condition;
  • Responsibility for a partner or relatives of first degree (parents, children) who require intensive care;
  • Pregnancy and maternity/paternity, within 3 months of birth or adoption;
  • Parental leave before the 3rd birthday of the child;
  • Military or compulsory civil service.
  • Other circumstances must be exceptional to qualify for a leave and are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

What are the consequences of a leave of absence
A student on leave continues to be enrolled but no longer has the right to:

  • Follow courses and attend classes;
  • Benefit from supervision;
  • Participate in exams or any other form of assessment;
  • Participate in elections or be elected or act as a student representative.

However, the student:

  • Keeps the student card;
  • May remain eligible for student housing (decision subject to availability and assessment of the personal situation of the student); and
  • Can access University facilities including the library, restaurants, and sports facilities.

The student on leave must also continue to:

  • Comply with general eligibility conditions (i.e. authorisation to stay in the county);
  • Be covered by health insurance; and
  • Respect the obligations defined in the the ‘Charte des usagers’.

How to request a leave of absence

Students wishing to request a leave or an extension of an ongoing leave must do so by filling in the corresponding form (see ‘Useful documents’) and submit it, together with the relevant documentation, to their Study Programme Director.

Requests are usually decided within four (4) weeks following receipt of the request.

If a leave is granted

A leave of absence is always granted for a limited period, usually for the duration of one or a maximum of two study semesters. Whenever possible, leaves start at the beginning of the semester and must be requested at least four (4) weeks in advance of the start of the semester. Requests for leaves from newly admitted students for their first semester of enrolment is not accepted.

No leave can be granted retroactively or for circumstances no longer applicable at the moment of the submission of the request.

An extension of an already granted leave has to be requested at least four (4) weeks before the end of the current leave.

It is possible to end a leave of absence before the agreed date. To do so, the student should send a request for termination of the leave to the Admissions Office of the Student Department (SEVE).

Advice and support
If you are not sure whether you should request a leave or whether you qualify for a leave of absence, you are advised to contact your Study Programme Director or Administrator for guidance and support.