Part-time studies

Applicants and students of a full-time bachelor or master programme of the University have the right to request a part-time student status when applying for/re-enrolling in the programme. For part-time students, the workload and ECTS credits to be acquired is reduced by half and the maximum permitted duration of study is extended.

As far as the study plan and course offer permit, part-time students may choose the order in which they complete courses of their study programme. Certain restrictions may apply. Before requesting a part-time student status, it is advisable to confirm options and consequences with your Study Programme Director or Study Programme Administrator.

  • If you are a third-country national and your residence permit is dependent on your student status you are not eligible for part-time student status.
  • A part-time status does not exempt you from the mandatory mobility period.
  • As a part-time student, you are required to enrol in courses corresponding to at least 30 ECTS credits per study year, and you cannot enrol in courses corresponding to more than 40 ECTS credits per study year.

For more information concerning the impact of a part-time status on progression and the maximum study duration, please contact your Study Programme Administrator.

How to apply
Candidates to a study programme have the possibility to request a part-time student status during their online application via the admission portal. Students already registered at the University can change their status during their re-enrolment for the upcoming semester.