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Fachschaft Psychologie Luxemburg (FPL)

The aim of the FPL is to establish closer contact between the students of the different study semesters of psychology (Bachelor, Master, PhD). Furthermore, it aims to represent the psychology students beyond the year representatives and to represent a community. Therefore, every psychology student at the University of Luxembourg can become a member of the Fachschaft and contribute to the community. We meet regularly every 2 weeks during university time — just get in touch with one of us in person or via our platforms if you want to join us!

Fachschaft Psychologie Luxemburg (FPL), logo

Executive Board

  • President


  • Treasurer

    Marielle MOUSEL

  • Secretary

    Lea MÜLLER

  • Social Media Manager

    Laura KÜPPER

  • Event manager

    Diana BÄRENZ

    Natacha STEVENIN

    Amelie BUTTKUS

    Emily SCHRAMM

    Franziska LEUFGEN


    Mara MICHELS

    Seli FRIES

    Sara BECKER

    Emily MARTIN