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University of Luxembourg LGBT+ Students’ Association

We are the University of Luxembourg LGBT+ Students’ Association! We offer a safe space for anyone who comes from a minority sexual/romantic/gender identity, so they can meet and go to accessible and inclusive events. We also campaign for the rights of LGBT+ people at the University, and collaborate with the wider community. We also have a Whatsapp Group and Facebook Page!

University of Luxembourg LGBT+ Students' Association, logo

Executive Board

  • President

    Elona DUPONT

  • Vice-President

    Jo KLUGE

  • Secretary


  • Auditor

    Nadine MULLER

  • Treasurer


  • Event manager + social media manager + design

    Sofia ALAMI

  • External relations and staff representative

    Agnes DARABOS

  • Discord Moderator

    Bryan Verissimo LOURENCO
    William Prospero de ALMEIDA

  • Podcast Coordinator & part of the presidency

    Alexander RAßBACH

  • Designer

    Anouk MAHR

  • Corporate Coordinator

    Ephra Charlton HUTCHINSON

  • Fundraiser and Awarnessraiser Manager

    Caroline THILL

    Alexandra IONITA

  • Book Club Coordinator

    Claire POUMARAT

  • Queer Sports Coordinator

    Clara SCHRECK

  • Corporate Outreach

    Erika POPP

  • Photographer


  • Safe space coordinator

    Avery BECKER


  • Jumper

    Sammy BRAUN


Send us an email to get access to our WhatsApp & Discord platforms.