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Chinese Students’ Association (CSA)

We host events related to the Chinese culture as well as other types of events for students. We would like to strengthen the relationship between Chinese students, non-Chinese students, local communities and other groups. We provide a platform for cultural exchange and add more Chinese style to our university! Feel welcome to join us!

Chinese Students' Association (CSA)

Executive Board

  • President

    Zhaoxiang SHEN

  • Vice-President

    Tian HU

  • Secretary

    Haoye TIAN

    Yiqun WANG

  • Marketing manager

    Yuwei CHUAI

  • Treasurer

    Taowen WANG

    Ruth LAU

  • Operations manager

    Taowen WANG

    Ruth LAU

  • Website manager

    Ziyun ZHOU

  • Advisor

    Qingjie ZHANG