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The Diplomacy Lab

The UNI.LU DIPLOMACY PROJECT is a student-centered, non-profit, cultural project of the University of Luxembourg dedicated to promoting the study and understanding of the major issues of international affairs. The project is organised in cooperation with the Italian Embassy in Luxembourg.

Through its activities (round tables, conferences, lectures, publications) the project aims to deepen knowledge, promote debate, and propose solutions to the challenges of European and international politics.

The students are at the heart of the UNI.LU DIPLOMACY PROJECT

Through the Young Researchers Committee, they help define the key topics of the project, select the speakers, and plan the events. In the course “Diplomacy in the Contemporary World”, they work towards joint publications on current issues and the role of diplomacy in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

The project involves leading scholars as advisors for the policy-oriented research with an equally strong commitment to education and training, conferences, and advice on international trends.

Its work is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach and favors the active involvement of institutional actors, research centers, think tanks and analysts in the field of international relations.


Honorary President: Jean-Claude JUNCKER, former Prime Minister of Luxembourg, former President of the EU Commission

Director: Amb. Diego Brasioli

Steering and Scientific Committee:

  • Prof. Anna-Lena HÖGENAUER
  • Amb. Arlette CONZEMIUS
  • Prof. Alessandro POLITI
  • Prof. Federico ARCELLI
  • Prof. Josip GLAURDIC
  • Dr Sergiu VINTILA
  • Dr Giovanna GNERRE LANDINI

Young Researchers Committee:

  • Bram KOERS, chair of the Young Researchers Committee
  • Jérôme SEIBERT
  • Roberta RISSO
  • Vyara NONCHEVA
  • Stefan MARKOVIC
  • Juho TOPPARI
  • Emilie UEHARA


  • 10th of October: Feminist Foreign Policy
  • 7th of November: Visit to the Luxembourgish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 14th of November: Indigenous Diplomacy
  • 14th of December: AI and Geopolitics Diplomacy Lab Paper Series