Study Programmes Master in European Governance

Career opportunities

The Master in European Governance prepares for a career in the public and private sector
in the area of European public policy, in international consulting firms, the European institutions or national governance bodies. Students can also continue their academic career with further studies at PhD level.

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    This Master programme combines an in-depth teaching programme and dynamic, internationally connected research

    The first semester lays the foundations with courses on the EU institutions, theories of European integration, International Relations, diplomacy, and history, among others.

    The second semester focuses on EU law, the interaction between domestic and European policy-making. Students have the opportunity to study how the EU institutions function in practice through discussions with practitioners.

    Students can choose from a wide array of options on international development, human rights, the EU in the World, democracy, social policy, for example.

    The third semester focuses on European policies such as environment policy, energy policy, foreign and security policy and economic policy, among others.The fourth semester is dedicated to an internship and/or a dissertation.

    Learning outcomes

    At the end of the programme, students will have

    • acquired an advanced-level knowledge of the functioning of the institutional system of the European Union, as well as of a wider range of European public policies, particularly in the areas of economic, social and environmental policy.
    • benefited from a solid disciplinary grounding in political science complemented by an awareness of interdisciplinary research methods.
    • developed transferable skills (data analysis; report writing; oral presentation, etc.).
    • learned about the working methods of the European institutions and/or of private sector firms, including internship opportunities.
    • profited from the experience of an English-language programme with French-language options, situated within a wider multilingual context.