Mobility Incoming exchange students

Before Your Study Exchange

Entry requirements for EU citizens

If you are a citizen of an EU Member State (or Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland), you do not need visa or authorization to stay for your study exchange at the University of Luxembourg.

To enter Luxembourg and enrol at the university you need:

  • ID or passport
  • health insurance (covering the entire period of your study exchange)

Entry requirements for non-EU citizens

If you are a citizen of a third-country (i.e. a country which is neither an EU Member State, nor a country treated as such – Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland), you need the following documents for your study exchange at the University of Luxembourg:

  • temporary authorisation to stay (autorisation de séjour temporaire – AST)
  • visa (depending on the country of citizenship)
  • ID or passport
  • health insurance (covering the entire period of your study exchange)
  • residence permit (apply after your arrival to Luxembourg)

Temporary authorisation to stay (AST)

You have to apply for the Temporary authorisation to stay (autorisation de séjour temporaire – AST) immediately after receiving the Letter of Admission from the University of Luxembourg.

AST deadlines:

  • 15 July

    15 April

    for the winter semester

  • 8 December

    15 October

    for the summer semester

The process to obtain AST may take several months, it is therefore crucial that you meet the deadline for AST application.

In case you do not submit your AST application before deadline, you will no longer be considered for an exchange semester at the University of Luxembourg!


Check whether you have to obtain a visa to enter the Schengen area! Visa requirements are depending on your country of citizenship.

Request a type D visa after you obtain the temporary authorisation to stay.

A list of countries subject to visa requirement are available on under “Prerequisites”.

Registration for the semester

Confirm your study exchange semester at Uni LU by registering to the upcoming semester.

The online registration for the semester is mandatory for all incoming exchange students.

You will receive instructions by email from the Incoming Office at the University of Luxembourg about two months before the semester starts.

After you register successfully, you will receive your student ID number.


With your student ID number received during the semester registration, you can apply online for accommodation in one of the student residences.

We will send you more instructions by email together with the semester registration instructions.

University accommodation is managed by the accommodation office. In case you have a question, please create a ticket via the contact form.

Health insurance

On your arrival to the university, you have to provide a proof of your health insurance for the entire period of your study exchange.

You have the following options:

a) provide a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
b) provide a confirmation of a private health insurance that specifies the beginning and the end date of coverage
c) pay for Luxembourg national health insurance on their arrival to the university (see below)

No student card nor certificate of enrolment will be provided without the proof of a valid health insurance in Europe (EHIC or a certificate). The university insists on the obligation that your insurance covers the entire duration of your stay!

National health insurance in Luxembourg:

In case you do not have a health insurance on your arrival, you have the possibility to pay for the health insurance directly in the Incoming office (payment only by card). You will be affiliated to the national “Centre commun de sécurité sociale » and you will be required to pay the health insurance fees for the whole semester.

Note: Bear in mind that if you are NOT covered by any health insurance valid in Europe, you will not be reimbursed in case of illness or hospitalization. All medical cost would be at your own expense.