Outreach Scienteens Lab

Why participate?

The Scienteens Lab’s workshops are exciting and educational thanks to their main features:

– Hands-on approach
– Tangible examples from daily life
– Small groups to foster engagement
– Topics matching the curriculum
– Connection with current scientific research
– Information about studies and career options

    Our disciplines

    Practical information

    • The Scienteens Lab offers either half-day or full-day workshops.
      Most full-day workshop take place from 9:00 till 15:30h with a lunch break of one hour.
    • Our workshops take place on campus (Belval or Limpertsberg).
    • They are taught either in Luxembourgish, French, German or English.
    • The group should not exceed 28 students, except in mathematics where we can accommodate bigger groups.
    • Our workshops are free, except in biology.
      The participation fee for biology workshops is 7 euros per student.
      The Scienteens Lab sends an invoice after the workshop (no payment on site).
    • At the end of a workshop, each student receives a certificate attesting to his participation.
    • Teachers who accompany a class for a workshop can get credits for this activity (3 hours of continuing education), if the head of their school agrees. To know more, go to the teacher training page.