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In order to get young minds interested in STEM and to teach hands-on experiments, the Scienteens Lab combines self-made and commercially available didactic materials with fine-tuned explanations. A wave interference kit was developed by our physics team to explain interference phenomena in a clear and precise way, and is now available for purchase or DIY free download.

About the wave interference kit

In physics, interference is a phenomenon in which two waves superpose to form a resultant wave of greater, lower, or the same amplitude. This effect can be observed with all types of waves (light, acoustic, surface water waves, etc.) and in our daily life, with ripples on water for example.

This wave interference kit © allows students to explore constructive and destructive interference using a double-slit experiment.

Two possibilities to get the kit:

  • Buy it Purchase the complete kit, ready to go
    (150€/kit + VAT + shipment)
    If you are interested in purchasing one or several kits, please request a quote by email.
    See terms and conditions. See FAQ for more information about the price.
  • Do-it-yourself
    Download all the files needed from the website, turn your 3D printer on, and print the kit yourself.
    Fill in a short survey to get the files.

    You will automatically receive a link to download the files under a creative commons license (CC BY-NC-ND-SA 4.0). More information on creative commons licenses is available at creative-commons.org.

    The Scienteens Lab team welcomes any feedback on your experience afterwards.

Contributors and sponsors

Main contributors for the optimisation of the kit: Artem Malyeyev (optimisation, physics & 3D printing), Serdar Kulamanov (marketing, legal & commercial), Philip Goergen (3D printing) and David Kieffer (concept, development & implementation).

Other contributors: All the Scienteens Lab team members and several teams of the university (legal, tax, copyright, etc.).

The development of the wave interference kit was supported by the André Losch Fondation, the main sponsor of the physics program of the Scienteens Lab.


A kit includes enough red and green waves to conduct the experiments on a 70 cm x 50 cm (or bigger) surface. The markers in O and X shape are meant to mark the locations of constructive and destructive interference. The foldable tissue poster defines the space of our virtual experiment and assists the use of the waves. There are also printed illustrated instructions in English on how to use the whole kit most efficiently. Finally, the whole kit can be stored in a transparent stable and stackable plastic box.

One kit is meant to be used by 2-3 students at a time. With your group size, you can easily determine the number of kits you need.

No, everything is included. However, we recommend using the kit next to a double-slit experiment setup. We currently use the one by Snellius Lehrmittel, a partner of the Scientens Lab. If you are interested, we can also provide the kit by Snellius when you order the wave interference kit. Ask for an offer including one or several Snellius kits by email.

These two possibilities are meant to offer some flexibility to our customers. The DIY option is free but requires a 3D printer and some time, while the direct purchase is fast and all-inclusive. You can choose what fits best your needs.

A kit costs 150€ VAT excluded (Lux.VAT 17%, 175,5€ incl. VAT).

The kit was developed 100% in Luxembourg. Many people have been involved to improve the clip-together design, to find the right suppliers and to figure out the legal details. The didactic concept has been tested with hundreds of students since 2018. Apart from the storage box, the whole kit is manufactured in Luxembourg and neighbouring countries. We favour local providers for environmental and ethical reasons.

We deliver worldwide. The cost depends on the shipping location, the quantity and the type of shipment. Contact us for a quote.

For a single kit, a good estimate would be:
Luxembourg: 10€
EU countries: 20€

Customs are to be handled by the recipient.

The time period will be specified in the quote.
For small quantities, we normally have enough kits ready to ship right away.

Our partner Snellius Lehrmittel manufactures the perfect complement to our kit: their Huygens kit.

  • Disclaimer: This product and any of its components are not a toy and are intended for educational purposes only. They shall only be used under the supervision of an adult and are not suitable for children below eight years old or any individuals who have the tendency to place inedible objects in their mouths.
  • The product fulfils the requirements of directive 2001/95/EC on general product safety (GPSD) which has been transposed into national law by the “Loi du 31 juillet 2006 relative à la sécurité générale des produits”.
  • All orders come with an obligation to pay.
  • All orders from private customers can be cancelled or returned within 14 days in accordance with the legal requirements.
  • See detailed terms and conditions.