Faculty Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine (FSTM)

Outreach activities

The Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine regularly organises or participates in outreach activities in order to make science accessible to all. To make sure our outreach activities are as attractive as possible, we pursue different approaches: science communicators outreach and researchers’ outreach:

  • Science communicator’s outreach: our science communicators at the Scienteens Lab have dedicated their workforce to outreach. They develop and organise one-day experimental workshops for high school classes and customised activities for events, e.g. Science Festival, Researchers’ Days.
  • Researchers’ outreach: many of our researchers are eager to directly interact with the public and share their stories and knowledge. Their initiatives are of different forms and shapes such as individual booths at Science Festival and Researcher’s Day, visit in high schools to share the experience as a researcher (Chercheurs à l’école), invitations of secondary school students to participate in some courses (Testez nos facultés, Etudiant d’un jour) and more initiatives in mathematics such as, MATh.en.JEANS, mobile exhibition “Mathematik zum Anfassen”.