Study Programmes Master Theaterwissenschaft und Interkulturalität

Registration at the University of Trier

Even if the University of Luxembourg is your home university (first enrolment done at the University of Luxembourg), you are still required to register each semester at the University of the Greater Region/Trier. Registration is done via the enrolment application form and gives access to the learning platform of the University of Trier and the university’s own library. All the relevant documents can be downloaded below:

  • information folder “UniGR studies at the University of Trier” containing the application form as well as further explanations for
  • information sheet “Application for enrolment at the University of the Greater Region/Trier” providing applicants with all relevant
    information and deadlines.

IMPORTANT: Students have to re-register each semester at the “Universität der Großregion/Trier”.

  • Enrolment for the summer semester is open each year until 15 March
  • Enrolment for the winter semester is open each year until 15 September

Contact at the University of Trier:

Prof. Dr. Andreas Regelsberger (responsible for the programme)
Japanese Studies
Room: B 114
Phone: (+49-651) 201-2289

Dr. Lucas Alt (contact for inquiries)
Room A 411
Phone: (+49-651) 201-3869

Cooperation partners

The University of Luxembourg collaborates with the following partners, theaters and music festivals.

The cooperation partners provide internships for the third semester students in the areas of artistic direction, dramaturgy, cultural management/organisation, marketing/public relations.


  • Théâtre d’Esch,
  • Théâtre National du Luxembourg,
  • Grand Théâtre de la Ville du Luxembourg,
  • Festival International Echternach,
  • Trifolion Echternach,
  • GrAFiTi.


  • Theater Trier,
  • Saarländisches Staatstheater (Saarbrücken),
  • Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern,
  • Mosel Musikfestival.


  • Théâtre de Liège,
  • Chudosnic Sunergia (Eupen),
  • Agora Theater (St. Vith).


  • NEST Théâtre Centre Dramatique National Thionville Lorraine,
  • Le carreau (Forbach).

New collaborations with the Théâtre Universitaire Royal de Liège and the Théâtre de la Place in Liège will be established in the near future.