Study Programmes Master Theaterwissenschaft und Interkulturalität

Study and Career opportunities

The Master Theaterwissenschaft und Interkulturalität prepares for employment opportunities in the theatre, dramaturgy, cultural agencies or institutions, public relations, cultural management and organisation, project management and festival organisation, theatre review and media relations, cultural services in public/private educational institutions, scientific institutes and universities. Students can also continue their studies at PhD level.

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    This programme has a distinctly intercultural and interdisciplinary approach, a strong research focus and an intensive practice-orientation.

    Students can choose from a broad variety of academic courses offered by the University of Trier and the University of Luxembourg. In Luxembourg, the programme is linked to the Department of Humanities and the Institute for German Studies. In cooperation with the theatre landscape of the Greater Region, there is a profound theoretical and practical examination of theatre and its historical and contemporary forms.

    Students have the opportunity to demonstrate and further develop their practical skills across numerous seminars and workshops including performances-accompanying seminars, critical reflection and creative discussions on theatre projects, culture management and organisational workshops and screen play writing seminars with directors and theatre-makers.

    Learning outcomes / Career perspectives

    The Master programme prepares students for careers in the world of theatre as well as careers in public and private cultural institutions.

    At the end of the programme:

    • students have acquired comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge about the theatre and performing arts with an intercultural, interdisciplinary and international focus.
    • students have developed and deepen their artistic and theoretical expertise.
    • students acquired the necessary skills to plan, coordinate and execute their own artistic projects.
    • students are well-connected to the professional world through their internship and the various practical seminars and workshops they have attended during their studies.

    Career prospects:

    • Dramaturgy
    • Public relation
    • Cultural management and cultural organization
    • Project and festival organization
    • Theater criticism and press work

    After completing their studies, students have access to careers in cultural work in public and private educational institutions, scientific institutes and universities.