Department Department of Economics and Management


Over the past years DEM members have contributed to several papers in the DEM Discussion Paper series and have published or are in the process of publishing some articles in prestigious peer-reviewed international journals.

They include the

  • Academy of Management Review, Economic Theory,
  • Canadian Journal of Economics,
  • Economic Journal,
  • European Economic Review,
  • European Journal of Operational Research,
  • International Economic Review,
  • Journal of Development Economics,
  • Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization,
  • Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control,
  • Journal of Environmental Economics and Management,
  • Journal of International Economics,
  • Journal of Macroeconomics,
  • Journal of Public Economics,
  • Journal of the European Economic Association,
  • Journal of Urban Economics, Macroeconomic Dynamics, Management Science, Regional Studies,
  • Review of Economics and Statistics.

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