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Lunch seminars

These seminars host renown external researchers and benefit from the financial support of the FNR – National Research Fund:

  • 21-Sep-22

    David Wozabal TU München, DE
    Nash-Type Bargaining for Risk-Averse Agents

  • 28-Sep-22

    Daniel Kuhn EPFL, CH
    On Robust Optimization, Blackouts and the Law

  • 12-Oct-22

    Petter Lundborg Lund University, SE
    On the Family Origins of Human Capital Formation: Evidence from Donor Children

  • 19-Oct-22

    Zhou Wei ESCP Business School Paris, FR
    Self-Cannibalization Effect in the Sharing Economy

  • 26-Oct-22

    Christina Kühnl Stuttgart University, DE

  • 09-Nov-22

    Maximilian Kasy University of Oxford, UK
    Adaptive maximization of social welfare

  • 23-Nov-22

    Aude Pommeret Université Savoie Mont-Blanc, FR
    Confronting the carbon pricing gap: Second best climate

  • 30-Nov-22

    Jan Stuhler Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, ES
    Immigration and Monopsony: Evidence Across the Distribution of Firms

  • 06-Dec-22

    Etienne Wasmer New York University, Abou Dhabi, UAE
    Conflict in Unified Growth Theory

  • 07-Dec-22

    Yaron Shaposhnik University of Rochester, US
    The Pandora’s Box Problem with Sequential Inspections

  • 11-Jan-23

    Sascha Becker Monash University, Australia
    Shallow Christianity, Charisma, and the Rise of Hitler

  • 25-Jan-22

    Francesco Squintani University of Warwick, UK
    Strategic Information Disclosure in Networks

  • 01-Feb-23

    Ingrid Van Keilegom KU Leuven, BE
    Instrumental variable quantile regression under random right censoring

  • 08-Feb-23

    Gizem Korpeoglu Eindhoven University of Technology

  • 22-Feb-23

    Philipp Boeing ZEW, DE

  • 08-Mar-23

    Hans Gersbach ETH Zurich, CH
    Artificial Intelligence as Self-learning Capital

  • 15-Mar-23

    Cem Özgüzel OCDE, FR
    Trusting Immigrants

  • 22-Mar-23

    Silke Forbes Tufts University, USA

  • 19-Apr-23

    Gilles Laforgue Toulouse School of Economics
    Recycling promoting policies in a dynamic model of resource use with endogenous R&D

  • 26-Apr-23

    Nelly Exbrayat Gates-Les Saint Etienne, FR
    Urbanization and Crime: Evidence from South Africa

  • 03-May-23

    Jakub Growiec SHG Warsaw School of Economics, PL
    Accelerating Economic Growth: Lessons From 200,000
    Years of Technological Progress and Human Development

  • 10-May-23

    Florian Allroggen MIT, USA
    Pathways Toward a Sustainable Future for Aviation

  • 17-May-23

    Christina Kühnl Stuttgart University, DE
    The Rise and Effective Usage of Social Selling in Business-to-Business Companies

  • 24-May-23

    Mariapia Mendola University of Milano-Bicocca, IT
    Political Backlash to Refugee Settlement: Cultural and Economic Drivers

  • 07-Jun-23

    Hongmin Li Arizona State University, USA
    Balancing Risk and Return in Product Line Pricing

  • 21-Jun-23

    Xiting Gong University of Hong Kong, China

  • 27-Jun-23

    Philipp Boeing ZEW, DE
    Misappropriation of R&D Subsidies: Estimating Treatment Effects with One-sided Noncompliance

  • 28-Jun-23

    Anastasia Litina University of Macedonia, GR

  • 24-Nov-21

    Josef Zweimueller University of Zurich, CH
    Duration Dependence in Job Search

  • 08-Dec-21

    Fabian Waldinger University of Munich, DE
    Scholars at Risks: Academic Networks and High-Skilled Emigration from Nazi Germany

  • 15-Dec-21

    Swati Dhingra London School of Economics, UK
    The Crisis and Job Guarantees in Urban India

  • 12-Jan-22

    Gilles Duranton University of Pennsylvania, USA
    The Fast, the Slow, and the Congested: Urban Transportation in Rich and Poor Countries

  • 26-Jan-22

    Mikhail Pakhnin European University at St Petersburg, RUS
    The Neoclassical Growth Model with Time-Inconsistent Decision Making and Perfect Foresight

  • 09-Feb-22

    Carsten Eckel Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, DE

  • 23-Mar-22

    Randolph Bruno University College London, UK
    The identification of time-invariant variables in panel data model: exploring the role of Science in firms’ productivity

  • 20-Apr-22

    Jos van Ommeren VU University of Amsterdam, NL
    Neighbourhood stigma and place-based policies

  • 04-May-22

    Jeffrey Furmann Boston University, USA

  • 11-May-22

    Robert Elliott University of Birmingham, UK
    Natural Disasters and Voting Behaviour – Evidence from Environmental Legislation in the US Senate

  • 18-May-22

    Arturas Juodis University of Amsterdam, NL
    This Shock is Different: Estimation and Inference in Misspecified Two-Way Fixed Effects Panel Regressions

  • 01-Jun-22

    Sascha Becker Monash U, AU & U of Warwick, UK

  • 08-Jun-22

    Blanca Martinez University of Complutense Madrid, ES

  • 22-Jun-22

    Ruud Teunter Groningen University, NL
    Condition-based Production and Maintenance Optimization

  • 29-Jun-22

    Christian Kiedaisch University of Namur, BE
    Superstar Innovators and the Effect of Intellectual Property Rights on Innovation

  • 18-Sept-19

    Katrin Millock Paris School of Economics, FR
    Climate Change, Migration and Irrigation

  • 25-Sept-19

    Lena Janys Dep. of Economics, Uni. Bonn, DE
    Selecting Relevant Outcomes in a Multiple Outcome Setting using the Sparse-Group Lasso

  • 16-Oct-19

    Panu Poutvaara CES-IFO, University of Munich, DE
    Refugees’ and Irregular Migrants’ Self-selection into Europe: Who Migrates Where?

  • 23-Oct-19

    Erico Santarelli University of Bologna, IT
    The Impact of Intellectual Property Rights on Labor Productivity: Do Constitutions Matter?

  • 06-Nov-19

    Anne Gielen Erasmus University Rotterdam, NL
    Migrant Selection and Assimilation – Intergenerational Evidence from Three Waves of Immigrants

  • 27-Nov-19

    Zuzanna Studnicka Brown University, USA
    What’s next? Returning to exports after a failure

  • 11-Dec-19

    Bram De Rock Université libre de Bruxelles, BE
    Stable Marriage, Household Consumption and Unobserved Match Quality

  • 18-Dec-19

    Petra Moser New York University, USA
    Immigration, Science, and Invention: Evidence from the Quota Acts

  • 08-Jan-20

    Dorothée Honhon UT Dallas, USA
    Package Size and Pricing Decisions with a Bulk Sale Option

  • 22-Jan-20

    Sandra Transchel Kühne Logistic University, DE
    Multiproduct Inventory Planning Considering Consume Choices and Substitution Effects

  • 29-Jan-20

    Carmen Camacho CNR, PSE, Paris, FR
    Diffusion under Limited Production Factors: the Case of Pollution in Soil

  • 05-Feb-20

    Jos van Ommeren VU University, Amsterdam, NL
    Short-term rentals and the housing market: Quasiexperimental evidence from Airbnb in Los Angeles

  • 11-Feb-20

    Edward Riedl Boston University, USA
    Market Perceptions of fair Value Reporting for Tangible Assets

  • 26-Feb-20

    Thomas Steger University of Leipzig, DE
    Distributional Effects of Surging Housing Costs under Schwabe’s Law

  • 11-Mar-20

    Ana Fontoura Gouveia Banco de Portugal, PT

  • 18-Mar-20

    Jan Brueckner University of California, USA
    Airline Mitigation of Propagated Delays via Schedule Buffers: Theory and Empirics

  • 25-Mar-20

    Juan Carlos Escanciano Universidad Carlos III, ES
    Optimal Linear Instrumental Variables Approximations

  • 1-Apr-20

    Robert J.R. Elliot University of Birmingham, UK

  • 22-Apr-20

    Marisa Miraldo Imperial College, London, UK
    Peer and network effects in medical innovation: the case of laparoscopic surgery in the English NHS

  • 29-Apr-20

    Josef Zweimueller University of Zurich, CH
    Family Policies and the Dynamics of Gender Inequality

  • 13-May-20

    Gilles Duranton Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA
    Urban growth and its aggregate implications

  • 27-May-20

    Catia Batista Nova University, Lisbon, PT

  • 17-Jun-20

    Jeffrey Furman Boston University, US

  • 24-Jun-20

    Maria Lucia Parella University Degli Studi di Salerno, IT
    Testing different structures of Spatial Dynamic Panel Data models by a bootstrap multiple testing procedure

  • 01-Jul-20

    Patrick Pintus Aix-Marseille University, FR
    The Causal Effect of infrastructure Investments on Income Inequality: Evidence from US States

  • 30-Sept-20

    Ronald Davies University College Dublin, IE
    Patent Boxes and the Success Rate of Applications

  • 02-Dec-20

    Esteban Jaimovich University of Surrey, UK
    Inside the White Box: Unpacking the Determinants of Quality and Vertical Specialization

  • 09-Dec-20

    Michel Bierlaire Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale Lausanne, CH

  • 13-Jan-21

    Joachim Freyberger Universität Bonn, DE
    Normalizations and misspecification in skill formation models

  • 27-Jan-21

    Martin Spindler Universität Hamburg, DE
    Recent Advances in High-Dimensional Inference

  • 10-Feb-21

    Rouba Ibrahim University College London, UK
    Priority Queueing Systems with Deceptive Customers

  • 03-Mar-21

    Silke Forbes Tufts University, USA
    Does Competition Benefit Complements? Evidence from Airlines and Hotels

  • 31-Mar-21

    Muriel Dejemeppe Université catholique de Louvain, BE
    Hiring subsidies for disadvantaged youth after the Great Recession. Short- and long-term net impact on employment

  • 21-Apr-21

    Juan Carlos Escanciano Carlos III Madrid, ES
    Irregular Identification of Structural Models with Nonparametric Unobserved Heterogeneity

  • 28-Apr-21

    Marisa Miraldo Imperial College London, UK
    Innovation Diffusion and Physician Networks: Keyhole Surgery for Cancer in the English NHS

  • 05-May-21

    Michel Bierlaire Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale Lausanne, CH
    Reconstructing daily schedules of individuals: a utility maximization approach

  • 12-May-21

    David Hemous University of Zurich, CH
    Induced Automation: Evidence from Firm-level Patent Data

  • 19-May-21

    Gilles Duranton University of Pennsylvania, USA
    Mobility, Congestion, and Accessibility in World Cities – Evidence from Google Maps

  • 02-Jun-21

    Megan MacGarvie Boston University, USA
    Drinking from the Firehose: Preprints, Chinese Scientists, and the Diffusion of Research on COVID-19

  • 09-Jun-21

    Selvaprabu Nadarajah University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
    Self-guided Approximate Linear Programs

  • 16-Jun-21

    Ina Ganguli University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA
    Why U.S. Immigration Barriers Matter for the Global Advancement of Science

  • 30-Jun-21

    Maria Lucia Parrella University of Salerno, IT
    Testing different structures of Spatial Dynamic Panel Data models by a bootstrap multiple testing procedure

  • 22-Sep-21

    Jan Brueckner University of California, Irvine, USA
    A New Spatial Hedonic Equilibrium in the Emerging Work-from-Home Economy?

  • 13-Oct-21

    Cees Withagen Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, NL
    Road Networks and Tropical Deforestation

  • 27-Oct-21

    Catherine Guirkinger University of Namur, BE
    Behind the Veil of Cultural Persistence: Marriage and Divorce in a Migrant Community

  • 10-Nov-21

    Mario Guajardo NHH Norwegian School of Economics
    Smart Charging of Electrical Vehicles: Coordinate Energy Consumption Through a Digital Platform

Research seminars

They aim to present the work of our researchers or of their collaborators:

  • 04.10.2022

    Giuseppe Grasso
    The Impact of Restricting Fixed-Term Contracts on Labor and Skill Demand: Evidence from Italian Online Job Vacancy Data

  • 18.10.2022

    Silvia Peracchi
    Migration Crisis in the Local News: Evidence from the French-Italian Border

  • 26.10.2022

    Antonio Cosma
    Pseudo indirect inference for binary dynamic panel data models

  • 22.11.2022

    Stellio Del Campo
    Inequality aversion for climate policy

  • 13.12.2022

    Evgenii Monastyrenko
    Trade shocks and product quality

  • 07.03.2023

    Elisabeth Kempter
    Uncovering the role of education in the uptake of preventive  measures against malaria in the African population

  • 14.03.2023

    Evgenii Monastyrenko
    The Impact of the UK hospitals procurement type on facility management costs

  • 28.03.2023

    Ksenia Usanova

  • 18.03.2023

    Andreas Vortisch
    The Impact of a Possible Trump Reelection on Immigration Pressure in Alternative Countries

  • 16.05.2023

    Inga Leda
    A Simple and Low-Cost Activation Policy – The Labor Market Effects of Subsidized Public Transport

  • 23.05.2023

    Seraphim Dempsey
    Graduating Scarring Effects on Mid-Life Health Conditions

  • 13.06.2023

    Pauline Corblet
    Impact of Occupational Sorting on the Gender Pay Gap

  • 28.09.2021

    Rana Cömertpay
    Refugee, Diversity and Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa

  • 27.11.2021

    Morgan Raux
    International students and the U.S. labor market

  • 11.01.2022

    Christina Gathmann
    Proportional Representation, Political Responsiveness and Child Mortality

  • 08.02.2022

    Rutger Poldermans
    Backward mean transformation in unit root panel data models

  • 29.03.2022

    Thomas Kaspereit
    The rise of intangible investments in cross-sectional earnings forecasting and implied cost of capital estimation

  • 26.04.2022

    Ksenia Usanova
    Talent Management in MSMEs of the aerospace industry – a proposition of a typology

  • 03.05.2022

    Christopher Hansen
    Which companies go public via SPACs? The impact of venture capital

  • 17.05.2021

    Evgenii Monastyrenko
    Quantifying a vertical differentiation trade model

  • 31.05.2022

    Christian Fisch
    The effect of trademark breadth on IPO valuation and post-IPO performance: an empirical investigation of 1,510 European IPOs

  • 28.06.2022

    Marialena Petrakou
    FDI spillovers in Greece and the role of local absorptive capacity

  • 20.10.2020

    Vincent Anesi
    Cloturing Deliberation

  • 10.11.2020

    Clotilde Mahe
    Is there a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ effect?

  • 08.12.2020

    Rutger Poldermans
    Finite sample properties of the GMM Anderson-Rubin test and identification issues

  • 19.01.2021

    Andreï Kostyrka
    The good, the bad, and the asymmetric: Evidence from a new conditional density model

  • 11.02.2021

    Luca Jacopo Uberti
    Corruption and Growth: Long-run Historical Evidence

  • 24.03.2021

    Cagil Kocyigit
    Distributionally Robust Auction Design

  • 20.04.2021

    Morgan Raux
    Labor market tightness and recruitment of foreign skilled workers

  • 27.04.2021

    Katrin Hussinger
    The Effect of Research Grants on the Scientific Output of University Professors – Evidence for Luxembourg

  • 04.05.2021

    Pietro Santoleri
    The Causal Effects of R&D Grants: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity

  • 11.05.2021

    Ridwan Rusli
    Transboundary Haze Games: Local Capture and Common Agency

  • 18.05.2021

    Anne Lange
    Outsourcing Decisions for Additive Manufacturing

  • 29.06.2021

    Melvin Drent
    Real-Time Integrated Learning and Decision Making for Deteriorating Systems

  • 19/11/2019

    Michel Beine
    Assessing the Role of Immigration Policy for Foreign Students: the Caase of Campus France

  • 10/03/2020

    Evgenii Monastyrenko
    Declared exchange rate and quality-driven pass-through to import prices

  • 26/05/2020

    Majlinda Joxhe
    Shaking Things Up: On the Stability of Risk and Time preferences

  • 10/06/2020

    Ka-kit Iong
    The Supply of Hours Worked and Endogenous Growth Cycles

  • 17/06/2020

    Konstantinos Tatsiramos
    Parental Assortative Mating and the Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital

Logistics seminars

Doctoral defenses