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Disciplinary excellence and bold boundary-spanning inter-disciplinary research, innovative teaching and ambitious partnering with industry leaders form the very core of DEM’s tradition and ambition.

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    Report 2020-2022

    Our research

    At the Department of Economics and Management, researchers contribute to top-level scientific research in domains that cover empirical methods, labour markets, public economics, development economics, dynamic macroeconomics, entrepreneurship and innovation, corporate governance and accounting, as well as logistics and supply management. With a growing stream of high-quality publications, the department consistently appears in the top 5% of Economic Research Institutions at the European Level, according to the ranking provided by RePEc (Research Papers in Economics), a reference collaborative bibliographic database in Economics and related sciences.

    Research output generated in the department is recognised and widely cited. Participation to conferences, workshops, seminars contribute to its international dissemination, while seminar participants from leading international institutions bring constantly new knowledge into the department.

    Facts and figures

    • 2 Bachelor programmes

    • 6 Master programmes

    • 2 Doctoral training units

    • 2 Externally funded chairs

    • 25 Professors

    • 31 PhDs and postdocs

    Studying at DEM

    Begin or continue your education with us

    We offer a wide range of programmes including two Bachelors, six Masters and a doctoral school. We benefit from an extensive network of international academic partnerships.

    At the undergraduate level, the Bachelor degree in Management is primarily geared at employability, training students into principled thinking while exposing them to numerous professional applications and opportunities. The Bachelor degree in Economics provides comprehensive foundational education to students who wish to pursue their studies at the Master level.

    At the graduate level, the MSc in Finance and Economics seeks to educate students who wish to attain senior management positions in the financial, banking or insurance sectors and who need solid and state-of-the-art education in economics and finance, while the MSc in Quantitative Economics and Finance is a springboard to the Doctoral School, which provides cutting-edge research training.

    Regarding business education, the department hosts a Master programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, which welcomes a large variety of students with backgrounds in business disciplines, as well as the humanities and social sciences. The programme benefits from the strong support and involvement of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. The department is also home to the Master programme in Accounting and Audit, which offers in-depth knowledge of all specialist areas that are relevant to the fields of accounting and auditing, combining sound academic principles with practical relevance, problem-solving skills and job market training. Last but not least, the Department’s Center for Logistics (LCL) organises a one-year Master programme in Logistics and Supply Chain Management with the support of MIT, whose integration into the business community is remarkable.


    The Department of Economics and Managment brings together a talented group of professors and academic researchers with broad research interests, publishing their research regularly in top journals and reviews.

    Prof. Dr. Andreas IRMEN

    Prof. Dr. Andreas IRMEN

    Full professor of Macroeconomics and applied Microeconomics

    Prof. Dr. Binyamin MANTIN

    Full professor in Supply Chain Management and Logistics

    People in numbers

    • 25
    • 4
      Guest professors
    • 31
      Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers