Department Department of Economics and Managment

Creating and sharing knowledge

An engaged and open approach

Besides publications and participation at conferences abroad, DEM believes in the organisation of conferences and seminars as an effective means to stimulate scientific exchanges and disseminate research output. Our members contribute to the dissemination of the most recent findings in economic research. They also participate in public economic debates through interviews and newspaper articles.

The Department seminar in Economics and Management is a bimonthly research seminar welcoming guest speakers from leading research institutions world-wide and open to all researchers in Luxembourg.

DEM also puts research into action through its active involvement in the collaborative partnership that exists between the University of Luxembourg and the University of Economic and Management Sciences in Bamako, Mali.


Local partners to strengthen research impact

We contribute to broader societal debates and knowledge dissemination through a variety of events, round-tables, journal articles and press communications, either on its own or via collaborative initiatives with other public institutions in Luxembourg, such as the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, the European Investment Bank, LISER or STATEC.