Interdisciplinary Centre Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH)

A global outlook

The C²DH is committed to outreach as a means of engaging the public and promoting a better understanding of history in the digital age. Outreach activities include organising conferences, workshops and public lectures as well as publishing virtual exhibitions, open access books and other digital outputs.

Virtual exhibitions and online projects

The C²DH’s virtual exhibitions offer an immersive experience of the past by providing unique insights into historical topics like the world wars in Luxembourg, the complex past of the industrial Minett region or the history of East Belgium. These exhibitions reflect the latest advances in digital technologies, breaking the mould of traditional storytelling with virtual curated narratives presented in a non-linear manner and including multimedia content and interactive features to provide an informative and entertaining experience.

  • Gazengel


    Meet Gazengel, a PhD student imagined by Alinéor Gandanger, herself a doctoral candidate at the universities of Caen and Luxembourg. Gazengel takes you behind the scenes of a young researcher and will explore the different facets of her scientific and creative adventures.

  • Framing Luxembourg

    Framing Luxembourg

    With “Framing Luxembourg” Statec and the Centre for Contemporary and Digital History tell “a history of Luxembourg in statistics as well as a history of statistics in Luxembourg”.

  • Minett Stories

    Minett Stories

    The virtual exhibition Minett Stories deals with the history and identity of Minett, the industrial region in southern Luxembourg, in 22 chapters.

  • Memorial of the Shoah Luxembourg

    Memorial of the Shoah Luxembourg

    This Memorial is bridging stories and memories of victims and survivors of the Shoah.

  • Popkult60 online exhibition

    Popkult60 online exhibition

    The digital exhibition of the Popkult60 research project on the transnational history of 1960s popular culture explores the rich cultural production of the 1960s and the connections between European countries.

  • 175 Joer POST

    175 years of POST Luxembourg

    A virtual immersion in the world of stamps, mail, telecommunications, satellites … and of the men and women serving Luxembourg citizens since 1842.

  • Virtual exhibition 'East Belgium 1920-2020'

    East Belgium 1920-2020

    East Belgium 1920-2020 is a virtual exhibition about the History of the region Eupen-Malmedy-Sankt Vith since the change of nationality in 1920.

  • Schumann's Eck interactive documentary

    Schumann’s Eck

    Interactive documentary produced by students on the Bachelor course in Contemporary History of Luxembourg, in collaboration with the National Museum of Military History in Diekirch, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge.

  • BGL: L’histoire d’un siècle

    BGL: L’histoire d’un siècle

    The virtual exhibition was developed by the C²DH to mark the BGL BNP Paribas’ centenary year. The retrospective covers the history of the bank from 1919 to today.

  • Éischte Weltkrich

    Éischte Weltkrich : Remembering the Great War in Luxembourg

    The virtual exhibition developed by the C²DH retraces key aspects of the history and memory of the First World War in Luxembourg.

  • homepage by

    A collection of thematic ePublications on the European integration process from 1945 to 2014. An analysis of a range of subjects based on an extensive and contextualised selection of more than 25.000 relevant and enriched multimedia, multisource and multilingual documentary resources.

  • Covidmemory


    With the online platform the C²DH wants to offer all people living or working in Luxembourg the opportunity to share their experiences of the Covid pandemic and preserve them for future generations. Anyone can upload photos, videos or texts to this open and free web-based platform, allowing us to document how the pandemic has changed our lives.

  • A Colônia Luxemburguesa

    A Colônia Luxemburguesa

    This transmedia documentary takes us to the core of the so-called Colônia Luxemburguesa and invites us to discover together a century of common industrial, cultural and social heritage..

Journal of Digital History

Journal of Digital History

As an international, academic, peer-reviewed and open-access journal, the Journal of Digital History (JDH) will set new standards in history publishing based on the principle of multi-layered articles.
The journal aims to become the central hub of critical debate and discussion in the field of Digital History by offering an innovative publication platform, promoting a new form of data-driven scholarship and of transmedia storytelling in the historical sciences.

Book series with De Gruyter Oldenbourg

The C²DH shares and promotes the results of its research via a wide range of publications. Its researchers produce scholarly publications aimed at their peers and a specialist readership. Three book series in open access result of a partnership with the scientific editor De Gruyter Oldenbourg.

  • Exhibiting the Past. Public Histories of Education

    Public History from European Perspectives

    With this book series, the C2DH wants to serve as a platform for public history, exploring its potential as an interdisciplinary field and a means of fostering and reflecting upon public engagement, dissemination and participatory practices in areas such as heritage-making, modes of display, and historical storytelling.

  • Transnational history of Luxembourg

    Transnational history of Luxembourg

    The book series, Transnational History of Luxembourg, offers a platform for studies about Luxembourg in a European perspective. The book series places particular emphasis on the analysis of the political, economic, social and cultural history of Luxembourg from 19th and 21st century. The aim is to produce new knowledge about the transnational history of Luxembourg by studying phenomena and processes that have profoundly affected the country and whose comparative value exceeds the national perspective. The series is edited by Benoît Majerus and Denis Scuto.

  • Studies in Digital History

    Studies in Digital History and Hermeneutics

    The series Digital History and Hermeneutics offers a platform for cutting edge scholarship in the emerging field of digital history and hermeneutics. It aims at making a critical intervention in the field of digital humanities and introduces key debates and concepts of digital history to the historical community at large. The series is edited by Andreas Fickers, Valérie Schafer, Sean Takats, and Gerben Zaagsma.

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