Interdisciplinary Centre Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH)

Learning, teaching and

Teaching is a key part of the work of researchers at the C²DH. Whether in the field of contemporary, public or digital history, they aim to provide training that combines the development of advanced knowledge and skills with a multidisciplinary and digital approach to history. The centre’s teaching and knowledge transfer activities also build on the thinkering philosophy. The centre aims to be a place of fearless learning where students and young researchers have the opportunity to experiment and explore new paths in a secure academic environment.



Embracing new challenges in doctoral research

The C²DH aims to give doctoral candidates the skills and environment they need to perform cutting-edge research.

Doctoral Training Unit (DTU)

The Doctoral Training Unit (DTU) initiative within the FNR’s PRIDE scheme brings together different communities of practice and epistemic cultures to negotiate new forms of knowledge production. The DTU entitled “Deep Data Science for a Digital History” (D4H), focuses on the trading zone between history and data science. The DTU counts 18 PhD positions and involves the C²DH, the FSTM, the FHSE, together with LIST and LISER.

Tri-national Doctoral School

Together with the Sorbonne University and the Saarland University, the C²DH is organising the Tri-national Doctoral School. The main objective of the doctoral school is to reflect together on a regular basis and in close collaboration with doctoral students from Germany, France, Luxembourg and other countries on themes of the international and European history of 20th century.

Trading zone initiative

Learning from each other

The C²DH Trading Zone Initiative on Training provides a creative framework for dialogue and in-house training in line with the C²DH’s long-term strategy to co-design and operate a global open-science platform for digital history. In line with the University’s goal to promote digital literacy among students and staff, the Trading Zone Initiative on Training allows computer scientists, data scientists, historians, archivists and web designers to share their expertise within the C²DH and to organise demand-driven training for different levels of expertise and knowledge.

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