Interdisciplinary Centre Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH)

Forum Z: A Public History series

Forum Z (Z for Zeitgeschichte, contemporary history) is a series of public events organised by the C²DH to share knowledge, raise awareness and foster dialogue among researchers and the general public. The events provide a space for presenting research findings and engaging in discussions related to Luxembourg and digital history. Interested citizens are invited to debate with experts about society-related topics, innovative digital approaches and new sources in contemporary history.

    A look back on our past Forum Z events

    • Forum Z - Game time

      GAME TIME: Exploring History Through Play

      During this Forum Z we explored the intersection between history and play.

    • Forum Z - Fo’er an de Sixties: Vu Boxeren a Fritten

      Fo’er an de Sixties: Vu Boxeren a Fritten

      Op dësem Forum Z gouf driwwer diskutéieren wat et op der Schueberfouer an den 1960er ze gesinn an ze di gouf.

    • Forum Z Warlux

      Lokalgeschichte ganz nah: Persönliche Kriegserlebnisse in Schifflingen

      Die Auswirkungen der nationalsozialistischen Besatzung und der Zwangsrekrutierung auf das Leben der Einwohner*innen von Schifflingen.

    • Forum Z REPAIR

      Reparieren gestern und heute

      Auf diesem Forum Z erkunden wir anhand von drei Kurzvorträgen Reparaturpraktiken gestern und heute.

    • Das industrielle Kulturerbe: lokal, regional, international

      Das industrielle Kulturerbe: lokal, regional, international

      Le patrimoine industriel : local – régional – international

    • Forum Z DEMA

      Re-do, re-make, re-imagine

      Dive into the world of Experimental Media Archaeology and the power of object-based re-enactment on the historical imagination!

    • Forum Z Liewen am Minett

      Liewen am Minett revisited

      This ForumZ revisits the famous photo book “Liewen am Minett” that documented the Minett region in the late 1980s and sparked a debate about the region’s identity.

    • Forum Z Holocaust Memory

      What is remembered lives. Mémoire de la Shoah à l’ère digitale

      Conférences et ateliers interactifs sur la mémoire de la Shoah à l’ère digitale.

    • Forum Z Impresso

      Reading yesterday’s news in the digital age

      During this online event, we analyse the pratice of text mining 200 years of historical newspapers.

    • Forum Z Holocaust history and memory

      Holocaust History and Memory

      This Forum Z centres around three themes related to Holocaust history and memory – Holocaust history in the digital age, the Holocaust and Jewish life in Luxembourg, and combating anti-Semitism in contemporary Europe.

    • Forum Z From one wall to another

      From one wall to another… Connected histor(y/ies)

      To mark the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, experts discussed the changing concept of ‘walls’ in history.

    • Women on the march

      Women on the march from 1919 to 2019 in Luxembourg

      It is a hundred years since women gained the right to vote in Luxembourg. How did things change for women over the eventful 20th century?

    • Forum Z Visualising history

      Visualising history

      A Forum Z on history paintings, 3D reconstructions, virtual worlds and time machines.

    • Forum Z Who's afraid of the digital?

      Who’s afraid of the digital?

      From walking around in a museum to surfing a virtual exhibition online? From using “old-fashioned” school books to learning with iPads?

    • Forum Z Lost memories of WW1

      Lost Memories of WW1

      How do we look back on the Great War today, a century after the events unfolded? What do we remember of that time? What memories are conserved by objects, places and commemorative practices? And what stories have been deliberately sidelined or simply lost?

    • Forum Z Social inequalities in Luxembourg

      Social inequalities in Luxembourg?

      This Forum Z looked at the concept of social inequality and how social status affects the realities of life in Luxembourg. Alongside a panel of experts, social education and pedagogy students developed unorthodox suggestions to tackle these issues and encourage thinking outside the box.

    • Forum Z Industrial heritage

      Industrial heritage

      This edition of Forum Z combined a public collection of photos, pictures and objects on industrial heritage with presentations by Luxembourg and international experts.

    • Forum Z Mai 68

      May 68 – myth vs reality

      What was the impact of “May 68” in Europe and on Luxembourg society in particular? The tensions between myth and reality were discussed during this Forum Z.

    • Forum Z A new narrative for Europe

      A new narrative for Europe: Quo Vadis?

      How can historians tell the story of European integration – the story of Europe – in the digital age?

    • Forum Z Glocal histories of finance

      Glocal histories of finance

      This Forum Z will focuses on the history of the financial sector in Luxembourg. Which stories should be told and which archives can be used?

    • Forum Z The future of storytelling

      The future of storytelling in history

      This event focused on the future of storytelling and explored how the emergence of the digital era affected the age-old art of telling tales.

    • Forum Z The long shadow of WW2

      The long shadow of the Second World War: Research prospects

      This second Forum Z analysed the history, memory and legacy of the Second World War, exploring issues related to the occupation, the resistance, collaboration and Jewish persecution.

    • Forum Z Archives in the digital age

      Archives for the Digital Age. Challenges and Opportunities

      This first ForumZ offered an opportunity to explore the interaction between archives and researchers and between archives and the public in the digital age.

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