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Partnership Programme
For business challenges without an existing solution.

We collaborate with public and private partners through an established model: our Partnership Programme. Companies of all sizes, entities and agencies come work with us to achieve their innovation and optimisation goals. In return, our researchers get access to relevant challenges, real-word data, and systems to test their research results.

Key Benefits for Partners:
• Gain access to world-class research and talent
• Leverage our state-of-the-art infrastructure
• Get 50-50 co-financing for our joint project

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At a Glance

Who are the partners?
Public or private entities that have a business challenge without an existing solution. We count several Luxembourgish ministries among our partners, but also some Fortune 500 companies, and budding startups.

What is a partnership?
A partnership is a joint investment in a multi-annual research project with concrete outcomes. As collaboration is at the heart of our Partnership Programme, we co-invest 50/50 and also jointly select and supervise project staff.

What is the outcome of a joint research project?
Every project is different, but usually the outcome is a prototype working in the partner’s real environment. Also, you will be working alongside specialised staff ready for you to hire at the end of the project, if needed.

Why partner with SnT?
Get access to highly skilled experts, the latest research methodologies and state-of-the art equipment. You will also access our network, gain co-financing from our side, as well as support for third-party research grant applications. Last but not least, you will be contributing to advancing research at a global scale.

Are you ready for a partnership?

If your company is…

  • In need of a solution to a complex business challenge
  • Wishing to gain access to skilled experts and top-notch infrastructure
  • Looking to get an edge over the competition

… Learn now how to partner with us.

Our Collaboration Model

Project Governance

• Project working groups
• Joint steering committee
• Continuous sharing of results along project timeline
• Agile deployment of prototype in the partner’s environment

Cost Structure

• 50/50 investment SnT/partner
• Possibility to acquire additional funding from local and European entities (research grants, public/private partnerships, etc.)

Intellectual Property

• Joint ownership of project results:
Partner: commercial purposes
SnT/UL: research purposes
• Patent costs covered by entity pursing filing
• Exclusivity may be negotiated against a fee

Joint Research Results

• Prototypes to solve business challenges
• Scientific publications and PhD theses

Our Partnerships

World-class solutions to your unsolved business challenges.

We are guided by the principle that excellent scientific research can address the most pressing challenges society faces, and support industry in developing solutions.

Therefore, we designed a partnership model that enables truly collaborative exchanges, allowing our partners to find the solutions they need, and our researchers to access real-world scenarios to test their results.

Setting up a Joint Research Project

A joint research project with our centre typically starts with a discussion between the partner, our researchers and our technology transfer team. Once the project idea is defined, the first formal step is represented by the signing of an NDA. Then, the proposal is finalised with a contract. This scoping phase lasts between 3 and 6 months.

Once we kick off the project, our joint steering committee will meet every six months to evaluate progress, establish the next priorities, and explore opportunities for external funding. This is the core phase of the project, which usually lasts 3-4 years.

At the end of the project, the steering committee reviews together the results and establishes the eventual next steps. If needed, the partnership can also be extended.

To learn more about setting up a joint research project with SnT, please reach out to or the contacts below.

Dr. Carlo Duprel

Head of Industry Partnerships and the Technology Transfer Office (TTO).

Partnership Day

SnT’s Flagship Event

Partnership Day is our annual flagship event, highlighting research collaborations with public and private partners. Once a year, we invite our local and global partners to join us on stage for a full day of sessions to share insights about the future of Secure and Compliant Data Management, FinTech, Cybersecurity, Space Systems, Internet of Things, and Autonomous Vehicles.

At the event, attendees can get to know our scientists, meet the SnT leadership team, and network with partners from industry and the public sector. In addition to gaining an overview of the next developments in ICT, they can test our technical solutions and get inspired by our success stories, including those of our spin-offs.

The event regularly sees the participation of VIP guests, including government ministers of Luxembourg, members of the Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg, our Rector, and prominent speakers from partner companies and entities.