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SnT is a hub for technology with impact. Our interdisciplinary, award-winning research is driven by industry partnerships focusing on four areas: Cybersecurity, FinTech, Internet of Things & Autonomous Vehicles, and Space Systems.

2022 Annual Report

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SnT Highlights

Achieving Impact through ICT Research

Our interdisciplinary, award-winning research is driven by industry partnerships focusing on four areas: Cybersecurity, FinTech, Autonomous Vehicles & Internet of Things, and Space Systems.

We create meaningful socio-economic impact with our Partnership Programme, challenging our results in real-world scenarios for the benefit of the economy and society at large. Today, it comprises global and local partners from the public and private sectors, such as SES, PayPal, and BGL BNP Paribas.

Since the centre’s foundation in 2009, our team has grown to encompass a large number of scientists and doctoral candidates working on fundamental and applied research projects. Our researchers gain access to SnT’s global network, forming successful and long-lasting relationships in business and academia based on scientific excellence. Our talented staff join us from all over the world and specialise in a variety of ICT disciplines, launching spin-offs and enriching the local market. Every day, their work contributes to creating innovation in Luxembourg and abroad.

Our world-class infrastructure includes a range of labs focused on robotics, computer vision, space, and more – at SnT, you can experiment with self-driving vehicles, or take a walk on the Moon! In our unique space laboratories, our scientists develop new space technologies with our partner companies side by side with students of the University’s Interdisciplinary Space Master. Discover all our activities and get a head start to the technology of the future.

  • 480+ Total Staff

  • 68 Nationalities

  • 2 Locations

  • 10 Exciting labs

What We Stand For

Our Mission

SnT is a hub for technology with impact. We believe in bringing cutting-edge science together with today’s challenges to pioneer solutions for tomorrow.

Our Vision

SnT aims to be one of the world’s leading research and innovation centres in secure, reliable and trusted ICT systems and services. We attract talented scientists and engineers, innovative companies, and leading start-ups from all over the world to develop competitive solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges, and create meaningful socio-economic impact. Our global and local ecosystem encompasses multiple industries thanks to our interdisciplinary approach. We are your trusted partner for fundamental and applied research.

Our Values

  • Excellence in Research
    We undertake research that contributes to the progress of science on the international stage. Our award-winning scientists collaborate on multiple large-scale European projects.
  • Focus on Impact
    Research can support industry in solving the most pressing challenges society faces. We partner with public and private entities to solve today the challenges of tomorrow.

  • Driven by People
    People are our biggest asset to drive progress through collaboration and excellence. We recruit globally in a highly selective manner, focusing on inclusion to foster diversity.
  • Interdisciplinary by Nature
    Our expert scientists collaborate on complex ICT challenges, addressing them from multiple technical and scientific viewpoints.


Driven by excellence, excited by innovation, looking to make an impact.

SnT is a hub for technology with impact, and people are our biggest asset to develop it. To achieve our vision, we recruit globally in a highly selective manner. Our staff comprises world-class academics and top management professionals from around the world, making the centre a rich and stimulating environment to conduct both fundamental and applied research.

Le Traon

Prof. Yves Le Traon

Director of SnT

In Numbers:

  • 127
    Research Scientists
  • 169
    Doctoral Candidates
  • 480+
    Total Staff