More than studies Incubator & Entrepreneurship Programme

Transfer your research findings into a successful business idea 

At the moment, the Entrepreneurship Programme of the University of Luxembourg offers two options for PhD students and Researches to gain entrepreneurial skills:

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

International Summer School

The first course is mainly for the 1st and 2nd year PhD students while 3rd year PhD students and researchers will find the Summer School more interesting. 

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

In collaboration with the Office of Doctoral Studies, we offer to all PhD students across all Research Centres in Luxembourg (, LIST, LISER, etc.) a 50 hours’ course to learn the foundation of entrepreneurship and innovation and how to professionalize a research project. The course consists of a mix of interactive workshops, discussions, problem-solving challenges tackled by researchers:

  • Workshop 0

    Deconstructing your PhDs: comparative analysis between a researcher and an entrepreneur & Unlock your PhD project

  • Workshop 1

    Welcome to entrepreneurship

  • Workshop 2

    Imagination, Creativity and Madness

  • Workshop 3

    Spot opportunities and assess your idea

  • Workshop 4

    Your customers

  • Workshop 5

    Mapping your research project with the Business model canvas

  • Workshop 6

    How to pitch?

  • Workshop 7

    Build your financial model

  • Workshop 8

    Create your company in Luxembourg in 10 steps

International Summer School

Another popular event is the International Summer School on Knowledge-Driven Innovation & Entrepreneurship, an experiential and interactive 5 days course which is specifically designed to test participants’ entrepreneurial appetite and ideally jumpstart their entrepreneurial adventure: