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About the DPhyMS

University of Luxembourg’s Department of Physics and Materials Science

Quantum Science & Technology, Statistical Physics & Machine Learning, Computational Physics & Modelling, Soft & Living Matter, Photovoltaics, Sustainable Energy, Spectroscopy & Functional Materials. Through our excellence-driven research, we explore six branches of physics. Our dynamic teams work with prestigious journals and universities and continuously attract national, European, and industry funding.

    Tackling the problems of the future with blue-sky research

    Our ambition is to understand how matter and complex systems function. Thanks to our highly skilled international teams and state-of-the-art equipment, we continuously push the limits of knowledge related to physical phenomena. Results from our basic research programmes have allowed us to contribute to several applied fields, through materials discovery, quantum matter, quantum technologies, photovoltaics, and pharmaceutical advances. Our collaborations count several hundreds of academic partners, but also Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Luxembourg Institute of Health, Avancis, Janssen, Goodyear, GSK, etc.

    In addition to extensive fully-equipped onsite facilities – some 50 experimental laboratories and clean-rooms – we also have access to high-performance computing (HPC), synchrotron facilities, etc. Since its creation in 2003, our department has established itself on the international scene. Many talented and recognised colleagues contribute to both our research and teaching missions, creating an inclusive and stimulating international atmosphere. These values provide our students with a truly inspiring environment, from the bachelor’s degree to the PhD level.

    What we stand for

    Our mission

    The Department of Physics and Materials Science performs fundamental research oriented at the understanding of complex physical phenomena. We are particularly focused on advanced materials, quantum technologies, and biophysics to enable future technological revolutions.

    Our vision

    Driven by excellence, our department aims to continue attracting world-leading scientists: ERC holders, FNR ATTRACT grantees, editors of prestigious scientific journals, fellows of learned societies, top-cited scientists, etc. By maintaining this sparkling pool of talent as the signature of our department, we continuously contribute to major theoretical and experimental research but also provide a unique experience to our students. We believe the results of our work will unravel future challenges and unlock new solutions.

    Our values

    Scientific innovation

    Every day our curiosity-driven research paves the way to the next scientific innovation. Excellence Our teams are lucky to count impactful and highly cited researchers among them. DPhyMS has been very successful in recruiting high-level international members.

    Interdisciplinary research directions

    We address complexity by combining the variety of our theoretical and experimental skills, and by collaborating with brilliant minds around the globe.


    By studying both materials and living matter, we aim to contribute to a better future, including the necessary energy transitions.

    Our team

    Looking to positively influence tomorrow’s world

    Our cutting-edge department includes renowned physicists and chemists from all parts of the world. A passion for advancing science and the frontiers of knowledge permeates our teaching and research. This dynamic atmosphere is supported by regular seminars and the annual DPhyMS Workshop. As elsewhere at Uni.Lu, English is our official working language, but many others can be heard daily.

    Alexandre Tkatchenko

    Alexandre Tkatchenko

    Head of Department of Physics and Materials Science

    Andreas Michels

    Andreas Michels

    Deputy Head of Department of Physics and Materials Science

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