Department Department of Life Sciences and Medicine

Research in Life Science & Medicine: contributing to Health in Luxembourg

Exploring disease, discovering drug targets, improving health

Understand cancer, decipher disease mechanisms and drug resistance, discover new therapy options, identify signalling networks, explore systems biology… At DLSM, we tackle major contemporary health issues combining lab-based and computational approaches. In medicine, we aim to further develop e-learning tools and clinical research. In nursing, we mainly focus on public health and clinical practice. Applied projects produce patents and lead to spin-offs.

From molecules to the bedside: combining research, medical, and nursing practice

Meeting Luxembourg’s needs in health through research

University of Luxembourg’s Department of Life Sciences and Medicine is committed to both basic and applied studies. Our renowned scientists publish in high-ranking journals. Research at the DLSM has attracted public, private, national, and international funding. We combine wet-lab and computational approaches to explore tumour biology, mainly colorectal cancer, melanoma, and hepatocellular carcinoma.

We use primary, established, and patient-derived cell lines, organoids, biopsies and other samples, as well as animal models. Studies of biological processes, systems, and their underlying molecular mechanisms, focus on various topics, such as: drug responses in cancer, miRNAs and epigenetics, the microbiome, the tumour microenvironment, biomarker discovery, etc. The DLSM also houses the national colorectal cancer collection.

Medical research in clinical topics extends to novel e-approaches for both care and learning, focusing for example on anatomy, clinical gestures, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. Research activities strongly connect DLSM to the Luxembourg health environment: hospitals, Ministry of Health, Laboratoire National de Santé, Luxembourg Institute of Health, Fondation cancer, etc.

Our research groups

Signal Transduction, Cancer Cell Biology & Drug Discovery, Systems Biology, Molecular Disease Mechanisms, and Nursing Sciences. DLSM’s research groups have access to core facilities – light microscopy and bioinformatics – and state-of-the-art platforms available at Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine.