Department Department of Computer Science

Unconstrained cutting-edge Computer Science research

A web of fundamental and applied research

Communication, artificial intelligence (AI), software, and security. The research topics addressed by the DCS cover a wide range at the epicenter of modern society. Our exploratory studies shape the future of computing.
Both basic and applied approaches are used to tackle projects, some of which take inspiration from industrial and societal challenges.

Fundamental and applied research in Computer Science

A highly skilled interdisciplinary research team

The DCS ranks among the top 200 research departments in the world. Work in Computer Science conducted in Luxembourg has led to a many publications in first-quartile journal and presentations at leading international conferences, including a prestigious keynote talk at UNESCO.
Here, we believe that a clear-cut distinction between fundamental and applied research is artificial; the two very often interact within the same project. Similarly, we value interdisciplinary collaborations and explore a huge diversity of continuously evolving topics aligned with Luxembourg’s national priorities.

As part of – a small university in a small country – it is easy to forge connections. As a result, DCS has a number of successful cooperations with public administrations and global companies, such as Arcelor Mittal, Honda, and Goodyear.
In addition to attracting funding from various national and European sources, our research has the potential for technology transfer. Our team has produced patents, undertaken successful proof of concept projects, and generated spin offs, such as LuxAI.