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About the DCS

University of Luxembourg’s Department of Computer Science

The DCS investigates and contributes to shaping the information and communication technology-society interface. Our excellence-driven teams communicate in prestigious journals and at international conferences.

Our research covers five orthogonal areas: Big Data; Computational Interaction; Knowledge Discovery & Mining; Knowledge Representation & Reasoning; Parallel Computing & Optimization.

Ground-breaking Computer Science research

Today, more connected, more complex computer systems are being used for increasingly complex tasks, frequently in a hostile environment. At the DCS, we pursue unconstrained research in communication, AI, security, and software to deal with the related challenges and prepare for the future.

Luxembourg has a vibrant Computer Science research community. The DCS is part of this history and continues to tackle subjects at the forefront of this highly dynamic field.

As our sector is at the epicentre of modern society, teaching activities at the DCS include a rich continuing education offer. Our courses – from Bachelor to PhD level – include both research-oriented and applied tracks, meeting a wide range of needs for students and society.

By keeping its finger on the pulse in the Computer Science field, the DCS has been able to continuously contribute to industrial and academic projects. We have established collaborations with Max Planck Institute for Informatics, NVIDIA AI Technology Center, Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C2DH), LuxProvide, Whonix, Goodyear.

Our multiple highly successful outreach activities include the Smart Photo Booth Project and the AI and the future of art workshop.

What we stand for

Our mission

The DCS, inspired by industrial and societal challenges, performs pioneering fundamental and applied research in Computer Science. Through our teaching and outreach activities we share our deep understanding of the field with future generations.

Our vision

Our department works toward a society in which technology and information are seamlessly integrated, and where advanced and secure intelligent communications software systems provide functionality for the benefit of people in a more sustainable society.

Our values

Agility: Computer Science is a fast-moving area, where agility is crucial. Our structure interacts with a dynamic environment, continuously providing visible and relevant research.

Broad expertise: The DCS conducts unrestrained interdisciplinary research in multiple areas and believes in the interplay of fundamental and applied approaches when tackling tomorrow’s challenges.

Collaborative work: Whether it is to go deeper or broader, the DCS is fully committed to collaboration within and outside and Luxembourg.

Our team

Computing the future for the benefit of people and society

The DCS brings together scientists from some 50 countries in an agile and dynamic environment. Our output has been presented in first-quartile journals and at many international conferences.
Our spectrum of training responds to a variety of expectations and meets the needs of Luxembourg’s job market.
Our multiple applied projects weave the DCS into Luxembourg’s industrial and administrative web.

    Nicolas Navet

    Nicolas Navet

    Head of Department of Computer Science

    L. van der Torre

    Leon van der Torre

    Deputy Head

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