Study Programmes Master en Enseignement secondaire – Langue et littérature allemande

Career opportunities

The Master in Secondary Education prepares students for a teaching career in secondary schools in Luxembourg. Students can also continue their studies at PhD level Students can also continue their studies at PhD level and enrol in one of the University’s doctoral schools.

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    Students deepen their knowledge in German literature and linguistics and develop the pedagogical skills needed to teach in classroom settings.

    Across the programme relevant competencies and skills are acquired throughout a variety of courses and workshops.
    The subject-specific courses provide students with in-depth knowledge in German literature and linguistic as well as in Medieval Studies.
    Parallel to these courses, courses in didactics of German language and literature provide students with subject-specific techniques of knowledge building.

    The general professional competencies courses cover topics from the field of educational science, educational psychology and general didactics with a special focus on multilingualism and heterogeneity. Students learn to teach with confidence in a classroom setting and to embrace a multicultural and multilingual teaching environment.

    Learning outcomes

    At the end of the programme, students are able to

    • freely apply methods and theories of literary studies as well as linguistics.
    • adapt their deep knowledge of the subject of German Studies for the needs of the classroom.
    • develop and apply teaching strategies to engage and motivate students.
    • use didactic strategies and techniques to plan, organise and structure lessons in an effective way.
    • demonstrate their competencies in managing multilingualism and multiculturalism effectively in the classroom.
    • communicate accurately and effectively with students, parents and colleagues.