Study Programmes Bachelor en Formation Pédagogique

Internship: putting theory into practice

During their studies, students will do internships in the cycles 2 to 4 of the fundamental school (3 weeks each). Starting in the first semester, students will observe student learning and school practices and get involved in the preparation and implementation of pedagogical activities. Over the course of the programme, students will gradually learn how to prepare teaching and learning activities in even greater depth and become autonomous and independent in their teaching abilities. During the internships, a dyad of 2 students is accompanied by a field instructor and a tutor.

Temps de terrainDomaine pédagogiqueDuréeECTS
T1Cycle 2-33 semaines en bloc6
T2Cycle 4 / VP3 semaines en bloc6

Articulation between fieldwork and academic work

Fieldwork begins in the first semester. It begins with an understanding of the learning and teaching context and evolves into long-term planning of learning and teaching sequences.

It includes research, a pedagogical project and teaching practice. A “Carnet des temps de terrain” is used to structure field time and keep track of the development of each student’s pedagogical and didactic skills.

Regular interactions between partner schools and the programme contributes to the development of each member of the teaching teams (students, tutors and field instructors).