Study programmes Bachelor en Formation Pédagogique

Career opportunities

The Bachelor en Formation Pédagogique prepares for a teaching career in cycle 2 to 4 in Luxembourg’s preschool and primary schools, preparatory classes of general secondary education and classes for children with special and specific needs. Students can also continue their studies at the University of Luxembourg with a Master’s degree in Social Sciences, Educational Sciences and Psychology.


The Bachelor en Formation Pédagogique aims to educate reflective practitioners

Students learn to foster knowledge, skills, and attitude development in the classroom by taking into account children’s individual and cultural resources.

Students are encouraged to develop their own critical thinking and teaching style based on the theoretical foundations acquired in class and to create their own learning path through a variety of individual and group projects in the school and out-of-school context.

Learning outcomes

The competences that students develop during their studies are set out in the teacher profession’s vision statement.

The vision statement is based on the expectations of the Ministère de l’Education Nationale et de la Jeunesse and international professional standards and serves as a reference framework for the internal organisation of the study programme.

The aimed competences are summarised in 6 domains:

  • imparting basic knowledge, aptitudes and methods according to specific target groups
  • supporting and fostering the development of a mature and socially responsible personality
  • diagnostics and assessment
  • communication, support and counselling
  • organisation and school development
  • self-reflection and continuous development of professional competences