Study Programmes Bachelor en Cultures Européennes – Philosophie

Ready for your next challenge? Choose Philosophy!


At this university, you will venture beyond the boundaries of your field of studies. From day one, you will combine Philosophy with a critical investigation of European Cultures.

The Programme at a glance – 180 ECTS

  • Duration:
    3 years / 6 sem
  • Teaching Languages:
    EN + DE + FR
  • Admissions:
    Definitely closed
    Admissions for 2024-2025 open on 1 February 2024
  • Fees:
    400€/ sem. (semester 1,2)
    200€/ sem. (semester 3,4,5,6)
  • Format:
    Full-time programme (Part-time student status allowed)

Why study BCE Philosophie?

This programme is ideal for students who want to qualify in Philosophy, but who also wish to explore other fields of study. We offer a wide variety of courses introducing its theoretical and practical methodological framework to the students, engaging with their ideas and beliefs.

The BCE opens many doors. Choose yours!

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There’s always more than one way of expressing an idea.

Step out of your comfort zone … linguistically!

There’s always more than one method.

Establish connections between your specialisation and other fields!

There’s always more than one perspective.

Engage in a critical reflection on what it means to be European!


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