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Radar Lab

Prototyping Enhanched Processing Algorithms for Radar Systems

Growing demand for enhanced processing algorithms in modern radar systems requires prototyping capabilities already in the research stage. In fact, the faster a researcher can transition a concept from design to a working prototype, the earlier the system will be able to leverage the benefits offered by its new capabilities. Currently, researchers are relying more and more on software defined radios (SDR) to compress the time to prototype.

Since its inception, SnT has produced a number of prototypes for applications such as cognitive MIMO radars, automotive MIMO radars, MIMO communication systems, and 5G applications.

Services Offered

Collaborative Research Projects – SnT Partnership Programme
We co-invest 50-50 in collaborative research projects with public and private partners through our Partnership Programme.

Key benefits for partners:

• Gain access to world-class research and talent
• Leverage our state-of-the-art infrastructure
• Get 50-50 co-financing for our joint project
• Qualify for additional funding opportunities for public/private partnerships

Learn more about our Partnership Programme.

Other Collaboration Opportunities
Our facilities have hosted a number of initiatives, from conferences to ESA challenges and hackathons. In fact, several of them have been designed to adapt to different applications. Get in touch with our staff to enquire about collaboration opportunities.