A place to live

  • Students enrolled in a Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral degree at the University of Luxembourg following a full-time study programme. Part-time students or families with children are not eligible.
    • Note: Students who have changed their course of study and have reached the maximum duration of stay in their original programme will not be offered rental contracts.
  • Incoming students as part of an exchange programme (limited to the duration of their exchange stay)​
    • European exchange programme such as Erasmus, European interuniversity agreements;​
    • an exchange programme outside Europe: Global exchange. e.g. CanSys or Fulbright;​
    • outside any exchange programme: Freemover.​
  • Students returning from mobility

No guaranteed housing

The number of requests for housing, especially at the beginning of the academic year (September) and at the beginning of the summer semester (February), is very high and exceeds our capacity. This is why the University of Luxembourg cannot guarantee housing for all our students.​ We strongly recommend that applicants look for other alternatives.


The University of Luxembourg partners with WeConnect which offers intergenerational coliving in Luxembourg, helping students to find affordable housing by living with a host with a room to rent.

Explore other options

We also advise exploring options such as the following links (please note that the University has no partnerships or relationships with these providers and does not endorse their services):

Please note that students from non-EU countries must reside in Luxembourg.

Students with EU citizenship who are considering accommodation in the border areas of France and Belgium can also consult the following links:

Room allocation

The rooms are allocated to eligible applicants based on availability, if possible in proximity to their study location. It is not possible to choose a specific residence or a location. You will, however, be able to indicate which room type you would like to apply for.

Our room types

The University offers different types of furnished accommodation

  • Belvaux. Residence La Luxembourgeoise
    Type 1 and Type 2

    Single room

    Shared kitchen

    Type 1. Shared bathroom and kitchen: average surface: 15 m2

    Type 2. Private bathroom, shared kitchen:  average surface: 19 m2

  • Maison de la Gare. Residence
    Type 3 and Type 4

    Studio apartment

    Private bathroom and kitchen

    Type 3. Single: average surface: 24 m2​

    Type 4. Double (only for a couple): average surface: 35 m2

  • Residence. UNIVAL II. Building.
    Type 5

    Two-room apartment

    Kitchen/Living room, bathroom and one bedroom

    Type 5. (only for a couple): average surface: 44 m2

For people with reduced mobility

For people with reduced mobility, a total of 49 single rooms with shared or private bathroom as well as studio apartments for singles or couples are available in 8 residences.


For university accommodation, a minimum monthly rental budget is required:​

  • 450€ per month for Bachelors and Masters, Incoming​
  • 800€ per month for salaried doctoral students​

Luxembourg has elevated living costs, which you should consider when setting up your personal budget.