To benefit from our student housing options, you have to:

  • be eligible (see offer);​
  • apply and indicate your monthly rent budget and your required room type;
  • be allocated a room (subject to availability);​
  • accept the offer; and​
  • pay the guarantee and first rent to secure your reservation.​

The rooms are allocated to eligible applicants based on availability, if possible in proximity to their study location. Important: You must fill in the information about your budget and the type of accommodation required in the box “supplementary information” on the housing request platform below. Incomplete requests will not be processed.


No earlier than 10 weeks before the desired reservation date (taking into account the start of the lease contract on the 1st or 16th of the month)


Apply through our platfrom. Select your category:


After your application and if we have availabilities to suit your needs, we will send you an offer via email. If you decline this offer, we will not be able to allocate another room to you within this semester.​

If we cannot offer you a room due to lack of availability, your request will be placed on the waiting list during the current semester.​

No guaranteed housing

The number of requests for housing, especially, is very high and exceeds our capacity. This is why the University of Luxembourg cannot guarantee housing for all eligible students.​ We strongly recommend that applicants look for other alternatives.​


The offer you receive via email is reserved for you for 10 days.​
You can look up the residence offered to you on our residences pages. It is not possible to visit the residences.​
If you accept the offered housing, you have to confirm the reservation within 10 days by paying:​

  • A guarantee of two rents for the reserved accommodation*; and​
  • One month’s rent (1st rent) *​
  • Housing insurance

Without payment from you within 10 days, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.
*The monthly rent depends on the allocated accommodation and cannot be communicated in advance.