Life Financial Support

Cost of living & Budget

Starting Budget

At your arrival, you will have to prepare an amount of +/- 1900 € for the following positions:

  • Registration
  • Health insurance
  • First rent + rent deposit guarantee + rent insurance
    • Please note that the guarantee deposit and the first rent have to be paid in one single payment within 10 days of receiving a room offer.
  • Alimentation

Estimated monthly budget for a student

It is very difficult to assess the cost of university education. Some expenditures are required because they are directly linked to studies; others depend on the situation of each student, e.g. housing in Luxembourg, having to take one’s meals on location, etc.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the monthly resources required correspond to at least 80% of the guaranteed minimum income in Luxembourg. A student in Luxembourg will therefore need a budget of 1.805,56 € (according to index of 01.10.2021) to cover all of his or her needs.

  • Registration at the University of Luxembourg

    400 € / semester for semester 1 and 2
    200 € / semester for semester 3 to 6

  • Housing* in university dormitory

    450 € / month minimum

  • Rent guarantee deposit (equivalent to 2 monthly rents)

    e.g. 900 € if the monthly rent is 450 €

  • Rent Insurance

    from 60 € / year

  • Meals (5 € / Meal)

    360 € / month (canteen at university)

  • Telephone

    40 €

  • Free-time activities (cinema, student outings, sports, etc…)

    150 €

  • Didactic Material (books, photocopies, etc…)

    400 € / year

The people of Luxembourg enjoy a high standard of living, which means that the cost of living is quite high. Rents are high too, but prices for consumer goods are comparable to those of other large European cities.

Bananas (1 kg)1.8Coffee (250 g)4.9
Bread (500g sliced)3.2Apples (1kg)3.2
Croissant (1 piece)1.4Domestic fuel oil (1 l)1.3
Pork chops (1 kg)13.2Consultation of general practitioner53.6
Fresh milk (1 l)1.5Consultation of specialist (internal medicine)49.2
Eggs (dozen)3.8Public transportFree
Butter (250 g)2.8Diesel (1 l)1.9
Potatoes (5 kg)8.7Daily paper (1)3.1
Non-sparkling mineral water (1.5 l)0.8Cinema admission ticket10.8

Source: Average prices of certain products in June (in EUR). 2022