University Restaurants

Food Lab

Managed by Restopolis. Our campuses offer a variety of restaurants and cafés with various menus and snacks.

About Restopolis

Restopolis, founded in 2005, is a governmental administration that has the mission to operate school catering in secondary schools and university in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Restopolis operates under the supervision of the Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth.

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Where can I have a bite to eat?

Several eating facilities are open Monday to Friday on:

In addition to the proposed menus in the different campuses restaurants, sandwiches, drinks and snacks are also on sale at reasonable prices in vending machines.

What’s on the menu today?

Dessert at Food Lab

All our location have fresh meals, starters, snacks, sandwiches, desserts and drinks every day. See the full menu for all locations on the website of Restopolis. Alternatively, you can download the Android app or the iPhone app.

Where can I get my University Restaurant card?

The restaurant card is integrated in your student card and is automatically active once your University enrolment is finalised. You will be charged an advantageous student rate at the various eating facilities across campus.

You can top up your balance:

  • directly at the cashier’s desk;
  • directly online at www.restopolis.lu with a minimum of 25€:
    University students must click on the “Payconiq Mobile Payment
    and fill in the Login field “uni\studentID“.

In case your card is lost or stolen, you will be charged 11€ to get a new University Restaurant card.

Student card