Study Programme Master in Mathematics – General Mathematics

Study and career opportunities

Mathematicians are appreciated for their analytical skills. The broadness of the knowledge acquired by graduates of the track General mathematics makes them attractive for a multitude of sectors, including Luxembourg’s strong financial industry as well as world leading industrial companies with research and development centres in Luxembourg and elsewhere in Europe. Many graduates also find employment in the public sector in Luxembourg. Internships which are optional parts of the programme further enhance employment prospects.

If graduates wish to pursue their studies, they can apply for a doctoral programme.

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Study perspectives

Graduates can continue their studies with a PhD in Mathematics at the University of Luxembourg.

“Due to the student projects, seminars and optional courses, I could gather experience in the topics I was most interested in while learning about general modern mathematical topics. During the internship and master thesis, I gained experience in a R&D department in the Luxembourgish industry, which helped me a lot to develop my skills and to decide my next career steps. Overall, the Master programme prepared me very well for the contemporary demands of the industry and opened a lot of career opportunities.””

Steve Dias Da Cruz