Study Programmes Master en Développement durable – Énergie et Environnement

Study and career opportunities

MDD graduates are trained as experts in energy and environment. They can accede jobs in the public or private sectors. Typical missions include:
– Forestry management
– Biodiversity conservation and/or restoration
– Monitoring air quality and the environment
– Managing health and environmental risks
– Group actions for ecological transitions
– Development of innovative methods
Graduates can also become environmental researchers or teachers.

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    Learning Outcomes

    At the end of the programme, graduates have:

    • The knowledge necessary to apply an appropriate multidisciplinary and global approach to environmental problems and present possible solutions based on sustainable development principles.
    • Information on typical air, water, and soil pollution scenarios, and current solutions.
    • Some knowledge of today’s legal, political, and economic requirements.
    • Developed an awareness of energetic characteristics of real estate and traffic.

    Study perspectives

    Graduates can continue their studies with a PhD in Engineering Sciences at the University of Luxembourg

    Career perspectives

    Graduates are regularly employed by national and international companies, by institutions and Luxembourgish administrations in various areas such as construction, infrastructure, automotive, machinery, telecommunication, power and energy.

    I decided to enroll in this Master in the interest of becoming more involved in the protection of the environment and in the fight against climate change. Throughout the MDD programme, I had the opportunity to discover and acquire valuable knowledge in various disciplines. The teaching activities provided are also well diversified (workshops, laboratory, study trips, summer project etc.) and the professors are helpful and highly qualified. I must say that I am particularly satisfied with the quality of teaching! ”

    Michael Rakotonjanahary