Study Programmes Bachelor in Computer Science

Study and Career opportunities

Graduates from the Bachelor in Computer Science can continue have acquired the theoretical and practical skills needed to successfully pursue studies in a Master programme related to Computer Science at the University of Luxembourg or any other world-class university or school. It also represents one of the best steps for students who wish to become teachers.

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    Learning Outcomes

    Students undertaking the Bachelor in Computer Science (BICS) degree programme gain solid competence in computer science. At the end of the Bachelor, students are able to:

    • Understand the theoretical and methodological foundations of informatics
    • Understand the most important aspects of informatics, including algorithms and data structures, theoretical informatics, programming, information management, modelling and analysis, and are able to apply this knowledge
    • Apply a number of methodologies in mathematics and statistics to computer problems
    • Master general academic skills, in particular in the field of informatics
    • Formulate a practical computer problem as a clear and concise research question and apply knowledge and skills
    • Formulate and analyze possible solutions
    • Integrate social, ethical, legal, psychological and contextual factors related to computer discipline
    • Communicate and transmit information, concepts and solutions to an audience of specialists and non-specialists, and work as part of a multidisciplinary team
    • Pursue a master’s degree programme
    • Demonstrate an independent and critical mind, and acquire new knowledge
    Bachelor in Computer Science, Maria Zhekova Testimonial
    Bachelor in Computer Science, Gilles Magalhaes Testimonial

    Study perspectives

    Graduates from the Bachelor in Applied Information Technology can continue with a Master. At the University of Luxembourg, we offer the Master in Information and Computer Sciences, the Master in High Performance Computing .